What it is like seeking to begin a new career after being a glamour model


By 25, most people are getting settled into their careers.

But Welsh glamour model Jessica Davies is now having to search for her subsequent career.

Her process took her around the arena, led her to live the high existence.

But, whilst the men mags closed and the shots stopped, she became dropped lower back to fact and become running returned in a pub in her homeland.

Jessica had in no way dreamed of being a glamour model. In reality, the first time she becomes requested to eliminate her brain a photo shoot, she said she refused.

That tension is lengthy long gone and he or she has a hefty catalog of work to her name.

But, with the decline of the men mags, and the change in the enterprise, the work has now stopped. And, aged 25, she’s inside the function of wanting to give you a second career due to the fact her first has already ended.

Her modeling journey had started out aged 14 when Jessica went to The Clothes Show in Birmingham in which she was noticed and became recommend for a competition called Teen Queen.


Jessica, at the beginning from Aberystwyth however now living in Cardiff, went with her Dad to a shoot and knew straight away that she desired to be a model.

Aged 16, she entered Miss Wales. At the pageants, she changed into mechanically advised she have to take into account modeling and aged 17, observed an agency in London.

It turned into a yr later when glamour modeling became first cited to her. The reason, pretty actually, became the size of her breasts.

“You by no means see style models that have huge boobs,” she says.

To begin with, she didn’t cast off her bra, however, knew the discussion might come up. She instructed her organization she would not pass topless, which they adhered to.

“It’s one of these things. At the time, because I hadn’t finished it, I didn’t think something about it.

“I thought I would address it whilst it came to it,” she said.

“I thought ‘I can not try this, or I don’t want to’ and then I had a boyfriend and he didn’t like it.”

While on a shoot, the photographer said ‘adequate, take your bra off now’. I stated I do not do this, I phoned my agent and she stated ‘you are there now’.

“I didn’t do it then and it changed into sincerely awkward. I changed into the brand new female, I failed to know everybody and I needed to stand there. But, it changed into a girl photographer, and she or he turned into extra information.”

Rather than losing her paintings, it had an alternative impact. The then lad’s mags commenced bidding to get her for a specific, first shoot.

She went for Zoo, because of the budget, and needed to warn her circle of relatives.

“It becomes all a chunk awkward however I in no way recall having the verbal exchange.

“I am surely fortunate they are supportive, and in no way simply stated something negative approximately it,” said Jessica.

Weeks after the shoot, the magazine got here out and, then a pupil, she went with friends to buy a replica to see the 4-page spread.

She nevertheless has a copy on her espresso table, from October 2012 which has on the front the “Amazing Zoo discovery…Jessica Davies topless for the first time”.

“I turned into actually nervous, you do not know which photo they are going to apply.”

Her career grew, taking trips to America to participate in Hotshots, an arguable charity calendar for Help for Heroes. She additionally went to the Bahamas.

In her heyday, she in all likelihood did a shoot a month, an excellent shoot paying £1,000 a time.

She changed into then a student, however even they knew the industry become changing.

“I was given into it whilst it was on its way out. It used to pay truly properly, maybe £1,000 a day however it slowly declined.”

Magazine journalism has taken a hit due to the internet. Lads mags have been equal. The magazines began asking ladies to ship their own photos in for free. Because human beings did so, the call for for the costly fashions like Jessica declined.

Her pay went all the way down to around £800, and subsequently to around £a hundred.

She anticipated that one day her age might play a component, however before that even came into play, the print marketplace declined, and the various titles she had been a star of, had been closed.

“I knew it wasn’t going to remain all the time but I failed to think it would be 25,” she admits.

“I did assume that by the point it got here I’d be onto the subsequent component.”


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