9 mins ago

    GQ Fashion – The World’s Most Stylish Magazine

    As expected, the GQ Fashion iPhone app for Android has been updated to include the new iOS 13 redesign, and…
    1 day ago

    Fiesta fashion exhibit opens at UTSA Institute of Texan Cultures

    (April 3, 2019) – Amid 11 days of celebration, San Antonio fashion guru Michael Quintanilla and designer Graciela Carrillo take…
    1 day ago

    Judge Rules ‘Fair Use’ Against Photographer Whose Image of Democrat was Used in Slanderous Republican Campaign

    A photographer who discovered the Republican National Committee (RNC) used her image of a Democratic candidate without permission in a…
    1 day ago

    One story told 12 times: Magnum photographer Sohrab Hura’s book explores rising violence in India

    Photographer Sohrab Hura’s new book The Coast revolves around the character of Madhu, who has lost her head – literally.…
    1 day ago

    The Must-Have Lens For Anyone Starting as a Professional Photographer

    When I transitioned from a hobby photographer to a part-time professional, I started with model portfolio shoots and event photography.…
    2 days ago

    The Photographer As The Protagonist

    The still camera used as a character in any film offers two perspectives to the audience – one is through…

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