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Fashion superstar and Instagram big name Japanese grandfather, eighty four, indicates age is no barrier to being hip Wearing an untucked test shirt under a fight jacket that hangs loosely off his shoulders, “Silver” Tetsuya appears every inch the version. His orange trousers are as it should be dishevelled, his running shoes are the modern day release and the yellow-lensed glasses are so warm they’re cool. He tops the ensemble with a emblem-name baseball cap and a informal, almost ironic smile – and he has each purpose to smile. He is 84 years vintage, is a retired instructor who lives in one of the maximum rural areas of northern Japan and has no longer once mooched moodily alongside a catwalk. Silver Tetsuya is residing evidence of the adage that in the age of Instagram, all people may be a model. “I was once the foremost of a high school however I retired twenty years in the past and started out doing a little farming,” he tells the Post. “I’m nevertheless in exact fitness and I journey from side to side among Akita prefecture and Tokyo by myself, so I might say that I’m taking part in life with out being too aware of getting older.” The idea of having Tetsuya kitted out within the modern day models got here from Naoya Kudo, his 29-yr-vintage grandson, who works in advertising and satisfied his grandfather to be a bit extra daring. “I’m now not sure where my personal interest in fashion comes from,” he says. “Perhaps it’s miles due to the fact I am originally from the countryside that I concept it’d be cool to do something this is very specific from different human beings right here.” And the first actual time he were given his octogenarian grandad into the contemporary fashions, they had been in stitches. “So some distance, we’ve accomplished 20 style shoots with unique looks and there are masses of clothing that I actually have no longer published on social media but, so we’re going to be including more to his website online quickly,” Naoya says. “Ultimately, I would really like to maintain a photograph exhibition or create a picture style ebook and be capable of provide it to my grandfather.” Neither, however, had any idea simply how famous Silver Tetsuya turned into going to grow to be. He to start with showcased his grandfather on Twitter, but provoked one of these response that he installation his grandfather’s devoted Instagram account. The account now has almost one hundred,000 followers and a latest series of pics received him 10,000 fans in a unmarried day – and Tetsuya affectionately refers to them as “students”. Whether it’s Naoya’s pics, Silver Tetsuya’s herbal insouciance in front of the lens or the garments – or a mixture of all three – his “appearance” has caught the creativeness. A long, black jacket cinched on the waist with a Dolce & Gabbana belt and worn with pink tracksuit bottoms and a black aviator’s-fashion hat. A baggy black T-blouse emblazoned with a skull motif matched with orange shorts, a leather-based bag at his waist and a baseball cap. Tight black-and-white striped trousers paired with a tiger short and a Russian-fashion hat with fur ear-warmers pulled down. In any other shot he’s giving a bit of farm machinery some encouragement with a wonderfully shined pair of black leather-based boots. There is not anything, apparently, that Silver Tetsuya will no longer try in the call of style