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12 Beauty Hacks Everyone Should Know

Beauty Hacks

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Looking your best isn’t easy. It takes effort, time, and practice. Some days you perfect your look and feel like you’re on Cloud 9, while others make you want to hit reset. But whether you are a cosmetics and skincare novice or a beauty queen, it helps to know the tricks of the trade. Here are 12 beauty hacks everyone should know.

tie your locks up in a headscarf. Learn how to tie a headscarf in all sorts of ways too. Use it as a headband or bandana, or even tie off the end of your fishtail braid. Headscarves not only manage your hair but can add to loose, low bun styles and make a fashion statement.

#2 Give Your Grown-Out Manicure an Ombre Effect

When your manicure grows out and becomes more noticeable, don’t just wipe off the polish — give it new life! Instead of saying so long to your recent manicure, conceal any chips and overgrown areas near the cuticle with a touch of glitter nail polish. By giving your nails an ombre glitter effect, it will add sparkle and keep your mani lasting far longer.

#3 Blow Dry Your Beauty Products

In a rush and need your makeup to set ASAP? Set your hairdryer in a relaxed setting and feel the calm wind on your skin. This effortless beauty hack also works for just about anything, from body moisturizers to toners and self-tanners. So give your skin a perfect blowout when you’re too impatient.

Beauty Hacks

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#4 Use Tape to Achieve the Perfect Winged Liner

Struggle to get that perfect winged eyeliner? If you have unsteady hands or are not-so-great at the whole flicking coordination thing, you have to use this beauty hack! First, apply a small strip of Scotch tape at an angle right where you want your winged liner to be. Next, apply the liquid liner, smoothing it out above your eye. Last, remove the tape and enjoy your crisp, stylish winged liner.

#5 Go from Day to Night by Smudging Your Eye Makeup

Headed out for drinks or a date directly from work? Here’s another eye makeup beauty hack for you! With this simple beauty trick, you can go from day to night instantly, stepping out on the town with a sultry, smoky eye look. All you have to do is smudge your eyeliner with a cotton swab … and voila! Bedroom eyes.

#6 Line the Lower Eyelid to Brighten Your Eyes

Look instantly bright-eyed and bushy-tailed with this beauty hack. With a nude shade eye pencil, line the inner rim of your lower eyelid (or the waterline) to look awake and brighten the eyes. Giving your eyes some pop makes them appear more expansive, sweet, and innocent.

#7 Conceal Those Roots with a Tousled Look

When your roots begin to show, and you haven’t made it to the salon for a root touch-up, don’t fret! We have two beauty hacks to camouflage those pesky roots. The first trick is to tease your hair at the roots, creating a disordered side part. The second trick is to conceal the origins by spraying them with dry shampoo and then combing your fingers to distribute and create messy-styled locks.

#8 Make Your Blowout Last Longer with a Bun

Love your latest blowout and want to keep the style just a tad longer? When you hit the hay at night, wrap your hair around your hand, creating a looped bun, and secure it back with bobby pins. This prevents your hair from falling flat overnight and getting kinks. Then, when you start the next day, unpin it all and let those gorgeous waves loose once more.

#9 Sprinkle Baby Powder on Greasy Hair and Roots

Is your hair looking greasy, but you don’t have time to hop in the shower? The beauty hack is excellent for using right before bed. Sprinkle the roots with baby powder. Sprinkle the powder on at night, and the white will fade. It won’t be noticeable at all! Soaking up any oils makes your locks appear healthier and less dirty.

Beauty Hacks

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#10 Contour Your Face and Paint by Numbers

Have trouble remembering where to highlight and contour your face? Remember to use the Paint by Numbers method. First, use the concealer to accentuate your look by forming a number three, applying a line above the brow, then above the cheekbone, and lastly, right above the jawbone.

Then, to contour the face with a darker concealer, draw the three backward (more like an “E,” really), starting above the temple, below the cheekbone, and ending beneath the jawbone. Once you blend the two shades, your foundation will be seamless.

#11 Soften Your Feet While You Sleep

We don’t always have time or money to get the luxury pedicure with a warm foot soak, scrub, and all. Yet, sometimes our feet and heels feel a bit worse for wear. So, whenever your feet are cracked and feeling dry and just before you drift off to slumber, give them a light and relaxing rub-down with healing foot lotion or oil and slip them straight into a pair of socks. Then, when you wake up the following day, your feet should feel nice and smooth and look sexy in those sandals.

Sleeping in your makeup is terrible for your complexion. But if you forget to remove your makeup and have already applied foot lotion after hopping into bed, or you are already bundled up nice and cozy and want to avoid the freezing bathroom floor, don’t worry — we have the perfect solution.

Last but not least, one of the most convenient beauty hacks in the book is: Keep your makeup remover and pads tucked inside the nightstand or near the bed. This way, you can wipe away your mascara, eyeshadow, and more. While cleaning your face properly with warm water and soap is always preferred, this beauty hack works in a pinch.

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