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20 Short Bob Haircut Ideas That’ll Convince You to Chop Your Hair This Summer

Welp, it’s formally July; this means that we’ve reached the factor of summer while all every person can do is communicate approximately how damn hot it is. And as everybody with lengthy, neck-grazing hair is aware of, this time of yr should thoroughly be known as high-ponytail season, considering that updos are the most effective viable option when you’re dealing with gross temps and one hundred percent humidity. That is unless you name your hairstylist right TF now and get the haircut literally each unmarried movie star is wearing: a contemporary bob.

Sure, bob haircuts had been as soon as relegated to your mom’s mother’s mom or your grade-faculty self, but now not in 2019. No, nowadays’s bobs are flippy, uneven, and hella lovable. They can be worn along with your herbal curls or your stick-immediately texture, and that they can be flat-ironed or waved or braided up. The modern bob is the free-for-all of summertime haircuts, which is why it’s presently taking on your Insta feed. So to get in on the fashion before it dies, take a look at out these 20 brief bob haircut ideas that’ll have you ever-texting your group chats, “Wait, have to I cut my hair?”

1 Lucy Boynton’s Middle-Parted Bob

The Bohemian Rhapsody actress makes this center-parted bob haircut appearance so damn cool. The lived-in texture is fundamental right here, so scrunch a wave spray thru dry strands to recreate her appearance.

2 Vanessa Hudgens’ Bob With Choppy Bangs

Opt for long, choppy bangs like Vanessa Hudgens to up the cool thing of your bob. Smooth a styling balm via dry hair to add shine and outline the form of your new haircut.

Bob Haircut

3 Emily Ratajkowski’s Voluminous Bob

Bigger is better, proper? If you’re seeking to upload some more extent on your bob, spritz a texturizing spray thru your roots for a boost.

4 Emma Roberts’s Baby Bob

Into the idea of a bob, however, want to take it a bit shorter? Meet your new move-to cut: the toddler bob. To maintain your tiny flyaways in the test, finger comb a dollop of mousse thru your strands.

5 Kim Kardashian’s Sleek Lob

So it’s no longer technically a bob, but if you aren’t feeling courageous enough to head more brief with your hair, a long bob (aka lob) is constantly a perfect option. Twirl a curling wand via your ends to recreate Kim K’s appearance.

6 Alanna Arington’s Curly Lob

This curly lob is so pretty; you received’t even care that your bangs are skimming your lids. Rake a curl cream via your hair to define and hydrate your curls.

7 Kerry Washington’s Waxy Bob

Give your bob a few forms with lots of layers and a blunt center component. To get that I-woke-up-like-this finish, douse your head with a texturizing spray.

8 Margot Robbie’s Combed-Back Lob

A top-notch-cool way to keep your hair out of your face? Slick it all the manner back like Margot Robbie. Comb a non-crunchy styling gel thru damp hair to help set your appearance.

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