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“Homeboy Wore Combat Boots to the Beach”: The Best Fashion Moments From The Hills

The aughts are brand new again! Tonight, The Hills–the defining cultural artifact of the mid-2000s–is subsequently returning to tv, with a new season titled The Hills: New Beginnings. In case you forgot or are too younger to have ever watched in the first vicinity, The Hills was a display that delivered legions of teenage women to the workings of the style enterprise thru our omnipresent narrator Lauren “LC” Conrad. It wasn’t precisely sensible (in what universe do interns get to go to Paris for style week?), but the collection’s Teen Vogue-adjoining setting stimulated hundreds of internship packages and became its stars into fashion icons.

The show is synonymous with most of the generation’s most important trends: bubble clothes, going out tops, low-upward thrust jeans, malicious program-eyed sunglasses, pre-Blair Waldorf headbands, sizable waist belts, and many others. And so, in honor of the show’s revival, we’re taking a glance returned at some of its maximum iconic fashion moments—and to be sincere, a decade later, they nonetheless type of preserve up! To quote the sage-like Justin Bobby, “fact and time tell all.”

Lauren Conrad Flat-Ironing Her Outfit

On the pilot of The Hills, Lauren Conrad was informed to come back to Teen Vogue for an interview hours earlier than it turned into scheduled. As she rushed to get equipped, she made an inspired desire a long time before Buzzfeed would call it a lifehack: she flat-ironed her outfit to remove wrinkles. It matches her pin-instantly hair! Ah, 2005.


LC and Whitney’s First Day at Teen Vogue

LC and Whitney Port embarked on their intern journey collectively at Teen Vogue’s Los Angeles office in the pilot episode. They nervously looked each other up and down earlier than forming a long-lasting bond in their faux closet workplace. And there was plenty to observe! Both sported appears that appear straight from Robinson Boulevard, clothing fully emblematic of the era. Whitney wore a pink eyelet toddler doll dress with a good-sized brown belt at the waist, pairing it with a massive brown leather-based satchel. And Lauren’s outfit becomes so 2005 it hurts: white bootcut jeans with a beige going-out-pinnacle dripping with sequin paillettes.

The Dress LC Ruined in Paris

Lauren Conrad may forever be referred to as “the woman who didn’t visit Paris,” but she ultimately made it to City of Lights. When on the town with Whitney to paintings on the Crillon Ball, an event for international debutants, Lauren changed into whisked away by a French hottie on a bike (Conrad finally admitted that the interaction changed into totally staged and that she didn’t even like the man). LC and Whitney had been loaned Alberta Ferretti gowns for the event, and Lauren managed to ruin hers with an errant curling iron. As in keeping with ordinary, Whitney stored the day by using dealing with to persuade the Ferretti to save supervisor from coughing up another robe.

The Dress Whitney Tripped Over on Good Morning America

In every other totally normal, average intern pastime, Whitney appeared on Good Morning America for a segment celebrating famed dresses worn to the Academy Awards. Whitney turned into given Hilary Swank’s backless Guy Laroche gown from the 2005 rite. And she tripped over it! A very rare screw-up.

Heidi and LC’s New Year’s Eve Outfits

Heidi and LC rang in 2006 in an epically disastrous way (plenty of tears). But they seemed so harmless whilst getting prepared for the nighttime! Look at Lauren’s large curls and Heidi’s generation-suitable chihuahua.

LC’s Headbands

LC wore many headbands over the route of the run of the display: difficult headbands, soft headbands, braided headbands, headscarves, gilded headbands, headbands that stood stiff and robust against huge bump-its. Eat your coronary heart out, Gossip Girl.

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