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Jessie J Switches Up Black Bob For New, Lighter Hair Color!

Jessie J is switching up her coiffure for summer!

The 31-year-vintage singer, who’s recognised for her jet black bob, is now opting for a lighter colour.

PHOTOS: Check out the today’s pics of Jessie J

Jessie took to her Instagram to debut her new look with a cute selfie displaying off her auburn locks.

“New hair shade who dis,” Jessie captioned the image.

We think Jessie J‘s new hair appears exquisite!

Choosing an appropriate hair product in your hair kind for guys

If you’ve got been slicing your hair at diverse salons, you would have observed that each one hair stylists have their fashion in styling and slicing hair. There are awful ones, but there also are properly ones that you need to stick to for a longer term. Similar to reducing hair, there are a plethora of styling products out within the market and it’s miles vital to pick the right one to healthy your hair type. Hopefully, after this publish, you will apprehend in extra element the differences among the products so you could make a more knowledgeable buy.

1. What’s Your Type

Just like shopping for a suit for a crucial day trip, you don’t want to purchase the wrong form of shampoo for the incorrect kind of hair. In fact, did you realize that it could harm your hair as properly? One instance is using strong hair wax on nice skinny follicles. Not handiest will you location unnecessary stress on your hair follicles, it’ll weigh it down and also reason damage. There are 3 one of a kind sorts of hair kinds. This is maximum commonplace, thick hair, instantly with first-class hair follicles and wavy or as human beings like to name it, curly.

2. Products for styling

Once you have discovered what your hair kind is, you have got the most critical step ahead of you which ones is figuring out which hair product is maximum ideal. Don’t get intimidated by way of the amount of merchandise and terms maximum corporations use for his or her products. The secret is looking for the keywords;. This is time-honoured to maximum merchandise. Of direction we’ve got laboured out that for you so that you do now not need to waste time.

Hair Gel

Hair gel is generally translucent in colour and is generally quite susceptible in terms of keeping hair in location. It usually hardens and leaves a sparkly and moist appearance that is outstanding for dress up occasions or formal events. It is also recommended to apply a loose alcohol gel as a way to keep away from your scalp from flaking

Steps to use: Use on barely damp hair, paintings the gel in your hands first and float it over your hair to style. Allow your hair to dry first before touching it to keep the appearance.

Which hair sorts ought to use this: generally people with thick hair or human beings with short to medium hair.

Hair Pomade

Hair pomade is usually flawed for hair wax but is pretty one of a kind in reality. Hair pomade is a tender semi-stable substance that could come up with a mild to excessive shine relying on which you make a decision to have. It is extremely famous because the after impact leaves a herbal moist appearance. Use Pomade over gel especially in case you need to achieve a greater ruffled look but nonetheless preserve that moist and neat appearance.

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