New Mix: Joseph, Stranger Ranger, Bad Heaven Ltd., Asia, More

To be clear, unhappy songs make up most people of this week’s All Songs Considered. So, when you have a love for the form of music you would possibly pay attention from Julien Baker or Japanese Breakfast, we’ve five new artists to feature on your playlist, inclusive of a 19-year-old singer from Belgium who is going by the call Asia; The artist known as Dolly Valentine asks, “Do you already know wherein you want to move?” And there are more lovely, however crushing tunes brought to you by using “the dream group” (NPR’s Lyndsey McKenna and Marissa Lorusso). But before we head down the unhappy street, I’ll kick off the display on a excessive word with a new tune from the 3 sisters called Joseph and a tune that encourages everybody to fight for what they agree with and never give up.

Songs Featured On This Episode

“Fighter,” the lead single from Joseph’s Good Luck, Kid, changed into stimulated via real-lifestyles drama when the sister act almost broke up. But “Fighter” isn’t about combating with every different however rather, inside the words of band member Natalie Schepman, “for each other.” Good Luck, the Kid, is out on Sep. 13 on ATO Records. The accompanying YouTube video for “Fighter” may be embedded when it’s far released at 10:00 AM PDT on July nine.

Cover for Means to Me

Long Beard. If an extended beard may be a signal of old age, Long Beard the artist alerts children. Shoegaze guitars and supple melodies deliver “Sweetheart,” the prone, heartfelt craving of younger love. Means To Me is out Sep. Thirteen on Double Double Whammy.

Stranger Ranger

Strange Ranger

Message to You from Remembering the Rockets. “Message To You” fuses west coast opportunity rock with sounds from the ’90s indie scene. Strange Ranger loves clean pads and keys that give manner to distortion-heavy bass and guitars. Remembering the Rockets is out July 26 on Tiny Engines.


Church from Choked Up. Don’t let her call idiot you – Asia hails from Brussels, Belgium. “Church,” the outlet reduce from her EP Choked Up, is a tender, misty mirrored image on loneliness and faith. Choked Up is out now.

Bad Heaven Ltd.

Bed from strength. Inspired through the warfare of intellectual infection, “mattress,” from Bad Heaven Ltd.’s upcoming album electricity, is ready the hope and faith that matters will get higher – most effective for the whole thing to return crashing down. Strength is out Aug. 2.

Dolly Valentine

Michigan, 1997 (feat. Field Medic) from Michigan, 1997 (Single). Dolly Valentine is the sole mission of Leslie Schott, a singer regarded to a few for her work in the surreal dream-pop duo Holy Golden. Her first unmarried as Dolly Valentine is “Michigan, 1997,” a dreamy reminder that it is okay to stay with uncertainty. It changed into produced by using Sarah Tudzin of Illuminati Hotties and functions the artist called Field Medic.

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