YouTuber is going viral after earthquake ruins make-up tutorial – however changed into it real?

On July 5, Los Angeles, California turned into rocked with a huge 7.1 earthquake and several aftershocks that rumbled on in the course of the night time.

It, obviously, interrupted lots of day by day activities in the surrounding area, or even performed a component in messing up a number of Twitch streams – with enthusiasts witnessing Mike ‘shroud’ Grzesiek’s entire set-up shake at some stage in a recreation. However, one creator has seemingly used the moment to unfold two-yr lengthy pranks on visitors.

Later within the day, on July 5, YouTuber ‘Ali J’ uploaded a video of herself having a ‘simple’ makeup educational being interrupted with the aid of the earthquake – giving her the reputedly ideal recipe for a viral video.

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The YouTuber began out by means of sincerely making use of red lipstick to her lips earlier than the earthquake struck and the make-up went across her face – leaving Ali J looking like the Joker from Batman. While the timing seemed top notch, it is simply a bit too good to be real.
Members of the YouTube remark phase fast went to paintings on dissecting the video for any little imperfection they might locate, as they couldn’t trust it became real.

It didn’t take appearance earlier than a few internet detectives located that every one of the Ali J YouTube movies was recorded in an Earthquake simulator – with assessment photographs of her background and motion pictures from the simulator itself showing hanging similarities.
Others pointed out that the YouTuber had now not uploaded a single video in view that April of 2018, with the background not converting at all in that span of time.

Some viewers additionally cited that the title of the video made a factor of having the date in there whilst the other uploads simply went with the aid of the date that YouTube robotically produces.

Now, nobody is pretty positive just why all the YouTuber’s films have been recorded internal this earthquake simulator and handiest one has been used as a part of the prank.

It looks as though this prank became in-the-making for over the years, as Ali J used the room to record her ‘everyday’ make-up tutorials, inside the desire it might make the earthquake tutorial greater legitimate.

The individual behind the YouTube account has not commented on the upload, but they haven’t been in a position to tug the wool over anybody’s eyes.
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