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Hair extensions care and maintenance: how to take care of your favorite products

Now that you have your beautiful hair extensions, you probably wonder how to make them last for more than just a few weekends, isn’t that right? Well, in order to achieve this goal, some simple ways must be applied. But there’s no time like the present, so let’s get cracking!

Hair extensions

What are hair extensions made from?

The most important thing to know about the best hair extensions is that they are made out of authentic, natural hair. Polyester extensions are more likely to break and fall off after a wedding or a business party in Vegas. They are cheap, so what to expect? Products created from real human hair, however, are looking healthy for a much longer period of time, and they can survive some abuse too… if you know how to properly care for them, that is.

Since these are fully natural hair extensions we talk about here, you need to treat them as such. This is the basic principle – give them respect with gentle care, and they will repay you with quality and that stunning illusion that they are no hair extensions at all. Wasn’t that the point of buying them in the first place?

Make sure you use the right comb

Gentle maintenance procedures apply not only when you tape hair extensions onto your head, but also while brushing. Try to use a wide tooth comb or your own fingers instead of basic tools that can pull a single hair with just enough strength to make it come off. Although it is natural, it will not grow back, you know. Therefore, smooth delicate moves and wider combs are recommended in order to make the hair extension care procedures useful.

Watch out for your extensions when washing!

The same refers to washing. An ordinary shampoo will be just as good of a solution than any product available. Just remember to wash your extensions gently with hands in a sink, and try not to do this very often. Using strong styling stuff, which means more washing, can have a negative impact on the quality of hair extensions you want to keep for as long as possible. Nonetheless, after every washing, flush the remains of the shampoo foam under a tap. Put your extensions on a flat towel afterwards, and let them be for a while; just let them dry on their own.

How long do professional hair extensions last?

Well, even the best merchandise with bullet-proof references have a limited lifespan. You will always minimally damage your hair extensions from constant head movement, no matter what. Also, the tape hair extensions are attached with might wear off after a while. But if you care for them gently and remember not to use invasive tools and cosmetics – you can be sure to get the satisfaction you expect to have.

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