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Want to be a version? Beware of con guys, follow these safety guidelines

The entire glittering glamour international can be difficult to withstand. A shot of your face splashed larger than existence on a billboard or a thrilling role in a TV business can novel-icily flip around your life. You all of a sudden turn out to be a semi-superstar, your fan following on social media dramatically increases, and your friends start seeing you in a new light. To get to the point in which this will manifest, all you need is that one lucky break — however, if you have no clue the way to get it, and yet the desperation doesn’t go away, be careful of your next step.

A wide variety of gullible modeling aspirants are falling into traps set through easy-talking, social media-savvy racketeers. Their victims are commonly starry-eyed and unwell-knowledgeable, frequently from small cities and determined to make it big. Most of them haven’t heard the pronouncing: “If an offer appears too suitable to be genuine, it probably is.”


In the absence of a regulatory body for modeling agencies, it’s smooth for con artists to cheat the green hopefuls. Even once they’re fleeced, the aspiring fashions don’t technique cops, fearing harassment and mock. For them, knowledge comes too past due and at a rather excessive rate.

Explaining the rip-off, fashion photographer Bijoy Raghavan says, “Shopkeepers or belongings agents faux to be modeling dealers or photographers. They pick out up different people’s work and bypass it off as their personal. Abroad, you have regulatory our bodies along with MAMA (Managers And Models Association). There’s no such body in India, which makes it clean for racketeers to operate.”

con guys

In their preliminary days, these younger humans have very little guidance in terms of expert guidance. “Racketeers entice them inside the call of having them paintings, take the money, and vanish. In many instances, the scammers actually shut down their workplace and run away,” says Raghavan.

YOU DON’T NEED A CARD to work as a model!

One of the red flags is the point out of a modeling card; any agent who talks about it’s far a fraudster. Fake corporations inform you to pay for a version/artist card. They also ask for registration/membership charges that would be everywhere between ₹2,000 and ₹50,000. Genuine modeling organizations do no longer ask for any premature fees. They take a percent of your price when you get some paintings.

Fashion photographer Praveen Bhatt says, “There’s no such thing as a registration price for modeling. Also, you don’t require a version card. This is a rip-off. I can’t believe that people can fall for it. There may be no such element as a version card because India has no authorized frame to trouble this type of card. Also, in no way pay cash to someone who guarantees you work. Nobody can assure work in this discipline.”

It’s no longer just the metros where such faux auditions are held. The faux corporations additionally ask models to pay for auditions. A 25-year-vintage from Roorkee, Uttarakhand, at the circumstance of anonymity, shares that a so-referred to as modeling co-ordinator approached him on Facebook, imparting to get him damage. An audition becomes held in a cramped, rented corridor in a rundown locality, for which the ‘co-ordinator’ charged ₹500 per individual.

“There have been approximately two hundred young people who auditioned for roles in serials, ramp indicates, and TV commercials. The director of the organization promised that he’d release us along with a huge call from Bollywood. I went to the audition. After that day, we never heard from those human beings,” he says. Genuine auditions are in no way paid, explains Pranav Awasthi, director, Glitz Modelling. “If all and sundry asks you to pay for auditions, take into account that they’re faux. Most of them are staged with the purpose of making brief money thru dishonesty,” he warns.


Bhatt says that fake modeling groups have mushroomed in India within the past few years. “It’s hard to bust them as they perform thru social media. They take gain of the fact that younger human beings are actually desperate to come to be a hit overnight,” says Bhatt. Every month, he comes across 10-15 instances of aspiring fashions being cheated via fake retailers. Bhatt currently uploaded a video on Facebook warning models to live far from such marketers.

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