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Killing Eve Season 2 Episode 4 Fashion Recap

If something is Killing Eve has taught us approximately Villanelle, she positive appears proper in pink. Episode 4 of season two is evidence of that—even though none of her seems is sort of as excessive-fashion because of the purple tulle Molly Goddard confection that earned her the recognition of TV’s chicest murderer in season one. While it’s the least superb of her ensembles in this episode, the first look is perhaps the most telling.

As evidenced using the picturesque canal where they meet—ostensibly to take in the view, although of the route actually to speak approximately the subsequent unfortunate human she’s going to kill in cold blood—Villanelle and Konstantin are in Amsterdam, in which the previous appears to have bought a drapey magenta jacket, a couple of floral pants, and a pretty uncharacteristic white T-blouse emblazoned with a cartoonishly luxurious lip. Maybe Konstantin has a point; with Eve on her mind, Villanelle does seem to be going a bit tender while she teases him about his very own current purchases: a black quick-sleeved vest and an image button-up, whose shirttails billow inside the wind for the duration of the scene.

Villanelle is sharp as ever whilst she next appears, even though perhaps having dressed for the event of writing a postcard to Eve. Even a road-fashion-minded traveler toting a digicam and a Celine bag can’t help but note her smooth purple monochrome, whole with a fuchsia ground-duration skirt and huge gold rings. The tourist compliments Villanelle and asks to take an image of her for her Instagram—and Villanelle responds with a glance of pure scorn and some recommendation to healthy: “Get a real-life!”


But her dark mood lifts almost the moment she resumes writing the message she’s approximate to send off to London: “Darling Eve, I wish you haven’t forgotten approximately me!!” scrawled on the return of a card offering two guys being hung upside down with their guts spilling out onto the floor beneath them. Cute! The picture is truly still on Villanelle’s thoughts later that night time, which she spends considering Eve in among re-creating the postcard’s carnage.

As for a way her victim ended up hanging using his ankles, well, he certainly additionally thought Villanelle looked properly in crimson; he followed her down an avenue within the town’s purple-light district, which she turned into roaming in a flouncy red tulle dress, topped off with an apron and a furry red pom-pom hat. Oh, and a mask absolutely obscuring her face behind that of a pig with eyelashes. There’s no shortage of red tulle. However, it’s actually no Molly Goddard.

By the next day, Villanelle has moved to the alternative case of the color wheel. After slipping right into a silky green robe, she returns to the scene of the crime and perches at an Avenue-facing window in hopes of catching a glimpse of Eve. But at this factor, it’s no longer only Konstantin who’s caught directly to their flirtations; Carolyn each confiscates the postcard and sends Jess, Eve’s pregnant co-employee, to Amsterdam in her stead.

To cope with the disappointment, Villanelle acts like she’s honestly only a visitor in Amsterdam: She buys capsules and heads to a nightclub, in which, funnily enough, her silky gown suits in just as well because it did on the brothel. Villanelle herself, but, does now not; by the time morning rolls around, she’s blanketed in vomit—and, shockingly, tears.

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