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Top Muslim Fashion Designers Who Are Changing Fashion Industry

This is the twenty-first century—a time when conventional shackles are being broken off and liberation is becoming a key objective of welfare in societies throughout the globe. The style industry is stated to be a platform for putting apart conservative outlook and viewing the sector from a miles wider and higher perspective.

Muslim groups are frequently classified as ultra-conventional societies—but, let me tell you that they are not the simplest ones. Every community has its own proportion of orthodoxy. Anyway, many contributors to Muslim communities have emerged and transformed the fashion industry on a worldwide scale. Today, there are many Muslim fashion designers who have to end up harbingers of exact fashion.

I even have compiled a listing of Top Muslim style designers who reshaped the fashion enterprise and deserve to be known. So, allow us to take a look.
Iman Aldebe.


If there is one factor (of many different things) which permit you to become aware of her, it’s miles her turban-style of favor. Swedish style dressmaker Iman Aldebe has grown to be a thought for girls obtainable urging them to break chains and fly freely.

Iman becomes born to an Iman and naturally grew up in orthodox surroundings. She, although, fought her way via critics and made a profession in style. Her designs have attained worldwide acclaim and had been showcased in principal Fashions Weeks, mainly Paris Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week

Marwa Atik.

Ever heard of VELA? It is the main brand in Muslim fashion and is the hard paintings of Marwa Atik.

Marwa Atik began as a nursing pupil and designed most of her scarves. It became her love for doodling various forms of hijab which brought about a classmate of hers to encourage her to undertake into style designing—and she or he did. That turned into the begin of VELA, and it has in no way stopped due to the fact then.

The headscarves which VELA offers are available in unique styles. They are coupled with ruffles, feathers, zips, and petals. Its headscarves are so famous that even non-Muslim women put on them.

Hana Tajima.

Hana Tajima has become famous together with her collaboration with the worldwide emblem UNIQLO. She becomes born to a circle of relatives of artists within the United Kingdom, giving her the proper type of surroundings to increase a hobby in style.

If you’ll observe, Hana’s designs imbibe in conventional and current fashion styles. Her concept is to create modest clothing and alternate the notion that modest clothing is without fashion. You can observe Hana Tajima on her internet site and Instagram.

Ibtihaj Muhammad (Louella).

You can ‘NOT’ recognize Louella (Ibtihaj Muhammad) — and if you don’t, now’s the time you knew her. Louella is the first American athlete to have ever gained an Olympic medal in a hijab. Besides being a top-magnificence athlete all of us is aware of she is, she is also the proprietor of a style label referred to as LOUELLA.

The label became launched in 2014 and gives all sorts of patterns, from dresses, jumpsuits to accessories. It is a prime hit amongst Muslim ladies—and there’s no motive why it ought to now not be

Dian Pelangi.

Dian spent quite a few her early life days scribbling styles in her schoolbook—and she took that very critically with the aid of creating a profession out of her designs. She has attained international fame together with her designs being featured within the prestigious London Fashion Week.

Dian’s designs are distinctive and vibrant. They are marked via myriad colorings and tye-dye, which are the primary highlights of her designs. Moreover, she infuses a royal touch in her designs, which ensures that there may be an element of traditionalism worried.

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