New Cookbook More Than Our Bellies Is a Celebration of Home


For style designer Phillip Lim, all of it began along with his mother’s basil ginger chook.

“My reminiscences of cooking are all tied to my mom and my early life,” says Lim. “My mother is the toughest worker I realize—she worked all day as a seamstress, however, she nevertheless prepared 3 rectangular food a day for her own family. I can recollect the scents, flavors, and textures more than precise elements; it’s the ones sensory reminiscences which are seared into me and informed this book.”

It changed into the one’s reminiscences of domestic and the human beings he ignored maximum that stimulated him to begin cooking on his own—a journey that culminated in More Than Our Bellies, a cookbook he launched earlier this year with photographer Viviane Sassen. (His mother’s hen leads the e-book: “It is the maximum personal and maximum nostalgic for me.”)

Cooking—and locating the time to do it—wasn’t continually easy for the innovative director of the eponymous label, three.1 Phillip Lim, but a holiday to Cambodia re-ignited an interest in food that hasn’t quit. And this month, Lim hosted a cooking elegance to kick off “Designers Off Duty,” a new in-shop collection at New York’s Bergdorf Goodman that showcases the hidden skills and passions of your preferred style parents.


Esquire caught up with Lim to talk approximately learning to prepare dinner and branching out past fashion.

Cooking became Lim’s way of connecting to domestic.

I started out cooking for myself because I neglected domestic, my mother, and memories of our time together. It turned into a system of trial and errors—of going to the store, choosing out components, and trying to recreate recipes that I remembered from developing up. There changed into no avenue map, so it changed into experimental and loads of amusing.

The recipes he developed all served a motive.

Every recipe turned into recreated from a need. For example, I journey often so jet lag comes with the territory. I created my Tom Yam Goong soup with ingredients that nourish the body and sell fitness, like lemongrass and galangal root.
Cooking has to turn out to be a regular part of his life.

I go out a great deal much less. At this factor, I could say I prepare 90 percent of my own meals. And that is from a person who ordered take-out 3 food an afternoon, each day, up till 5 years in the past.
He has located similarities between cooking and layout.

Both are about being organized, having the courage to try, and the ability to pivot and be spontaneous whilst vital. I am now not an educated chef, so I make it up as I cross alongside a whole lot of the time. My recipes are not carefully measured or actual; they’re constantly stimulated via my temper and what I am yearning that day, so they may be usually a touch bit one-of-a-kind, and that’s a laugh part!