Six HomeKit and AirPlay 2 Accessories Worth Checking Out


Last 12 months, we shared a listing of a number of the great HomeKit merchandise you could buy, which turned into quite popular with MacRumors readers, so we thought we’d comply with it up.

In our 2019 HomeKit video, we’re presenting a few greater extraordinary HomeKit merchandise, and we’ve got added in some AirPlay 2 accessories as well.

Vizio TVs – HomeKit and AirPlay 2 assist is coming to a group of TVs from Sony, LG, Vizio, and Samsung later this year, however, Vizio has already rolled out help on a number of its TVs in a beta capacity. If you have got the latest M-Series or P-Series Vizio TV, you can strive it out. AirPlay 2 lets you AirPlay content material from your Apple gadgets right to the TV, and your TV will also show up in HomeKit. You can use the Home app and Siri commands to do things like alternate the volume, switch inputs or turn the TV on or off.

Sonos Beam ($four hundred) – The Sonos Beam is an AirPlay 2-enabled soundbar that is supposed to be used together with your TV, presenting up the impressive sound and permitting the same song to be played via different AirPlay 2-enabled speakers in your own home, just like the Sonos One or the HomePod.


Bluemound Pulse Flex 2i Speakers ($three hundred) – Bluemound’s Pulse Flex 2i Speakers are AirPlay 2 enabled, so you can use them alongside other AirPlay 2 devices. AirPlay 2 lets you play music on multiple speakers during the house, for whole home audio enjoy. These are more costly than a few different competing products just like the Sonos One, but BlueSound guarantees superior sound.

Chamberlain my Garage Door Opener and Home Bridge ($142) – Chamberlain’s MyQ Garage Door Opener is well suited with HomeKit, though depending to your setup, you may want a further accent. With HomeKit compatibility, you could ask Siri to open or near your storage door, and you could take a look at to make certain it’s closed for peace of thoughts. You can also use the MyQ app.

Hue Outdoor Light Strip ($70) – Hue currently introduced a whole range of out of doors lighting fixtures, consisting of the Hue Outdoor Light Strip. It’s just like the indoor version, however with a remarkable diffuse mild and waterproofing so it could stay outdoor. It’s bendy sufficient to move everywhere, however, you cannot cut this model. Hue lighting fixtures may be turned millions of colors either with the Hue app, the Home app or thru Siri.

Hue Signe ($160 to $240) – Hue also makes different precise lights merchandise, like the Hue Signe table and lamps. They’re HomeKit enabled like different Hue lighting fixtures, and whilst they may be without a doubt costly for lamps, they are cool and may fit just about anywhere because they may be basically upright LED bars with aluminum stands. We have a desk lamp, and it is a nifty accessory light.