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Balancing High School and High Fashion at Booker T. Washington

She has had her very own sales space for her line vintage clothing collection, Eulogy, in Lula B’s Oak Cliff when you consider that she becomes 15. Fashion origins: “I turned into doing collage artwork for like five years, numerous reducing human beings’ faces and piecing them returned together. I turned into doing collages of Kanye West, and I was given some iron-on switch paper and started transferring them to white button-down shirts for a school-style display. I do loads of rhinestone and severe beadwork on vintage clothing. I ended up doing such a lot of decorated pieces; I had an entire rack of them and needed to promote them.”

Learning curve:

“I’ve been painting or drawing considering that I become 3 or 4. At this factor in my existence, being creative is my personal way of meditating. I’m trying to learn how to stitch properly now because I’m looking to prepare my personal 30-appearance fashion display in October.”

Personal style:

“The last yr I was wearing loads of ballgowns to high school. Now I’m wearing things which can be simpler to move round in—something that feels right that day. I don’t try and positioned it in a single-gender or one container.”


Felipe Tascon, 16

He makes rings that sell for up to $six hundred at Traffic LA in The Joule.

Jewelry style:

“I call it a decomposition of your normal jewelry. I use a definitely hot torch that, within the earrings world, is particularly used for melting. But generally, you’d melt something right into a puddle; I soften my metallic only halfway.”


“Everything is melted down from both older pieces of jewelry or vintage wedding ceremony items that my mother and father received—spoons that we’ve never used because they were too first-rate. They don’t have thoughts. They’re better as rings.”

Past life:

“I used to make yo-yo string professionally. After experimenting with specific fibers, I just commenced making my personal, and then I sold it to other yo-yours. That becomes a long term in the past; it’s not simply relevant to my lifestyle anymore. I changed into 12; I’m 16 now. With rings, I determined something this is financially a touch bit extra reliable and marketable. It’s just simpler to sell. Unfortunately, polyester’s now not reasonably priced if you’re not buying it through the thousand kilos.”

Wendell Washington

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