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Camp in Fashion: What We Talk About When We Talk About the Met Gala 2019 Theme

“To speak about Camp is consequently to betray it,” Susan Sontag wrote in her seminal 1964 essay “Notes on ‘Camp,’” in which she does precisely that. Now, fifty-five years after she each described the concept and took it to the mainstream, the betrayal has come full circle. Thanks to the 2019 Met Gala planning committee’s move to turn her treatise into their party theme, perhaps greater than ever, human beings aren’t just speakme about camp—they’re speaking approximately Sontag speaking approximately camp. And if they aren’t, well, there’s an excellent hazard they’re wondering the identical thing which you’re probably wondering: “But what is camp?”

For starters, it isn’t an idea but a “sensibility”—that is to say that, sure, it’s tons extra complex and much less material than the Met Gala topics of years beyond (i.E., Catholicism, Rei Kawakubo, era). And it additionally is probably the best subject matter but. Without diving absolutely into the specifics, here are a few points in its desire: Camp is all approximately theatricality, combined with irony, extravagance, pastiche, and parody (and, of the path, a great deal extra than that).

The camp is the antithesis of boredom and tragedy. The camp is the perception that “style is everything.” The camp is Oscar Wilde’s quip that “one must both be a work of artwork, or wear a piece of art”—and the reality that he quipped it in the first vicinity. The camp is “the love of the exaggerated, the ‘off,’ of factors-being-what-they-are-no longer.” The camp is playful, however, additionally esoteric. The camp is “suitable because it’s lousy” (although handiest, consistent with Sontag, if it falls beneath the class of one of her fifty-eight meticulously listed bullet points).


As if that weren’t enough to soak up, the camp is any other aspect totally when it comes to fashion and the red carpet. As Andrew Bolton, the lead curator of the Costume Institute, put it: “Chanel changed into camp as someone, but her clothes weren’t camp”—an vital distinction. To better solve the question “What is camp in fashion?” let’s revisit the annals of fashion’s Camp Hall of Fame. “The essence of Camp is its love of the unnatural: of artifice and exaggeration.”

First things first: Nothing that’s from nature may be campy, in line with Sontag. Nature doesn’t exist in camp—or if it does, it “contradicts it outright.” (Even pastoral camp, for example, is artificial.) That’s now not to mention, but that camp is all futurism and bloodless metallics; it can be located, for example, in the wooden inlay become swatches of wooden-grain-printed cloth in Rodarte’s spring 2011 collection or the dozens of butterflies that “carried” Gigi Hadid’s massive wedding ceremony veil down the runway of Moschino’s spring 2019 show (which have been without a doubt guys outfitted in all black, tiptoeing down the runway to make nature a theatrical reality).

You may additionally have noticed that the wolves that joined fashions at the runway of Alexander McQueen’s fall/iciness 2002 show, however, had been very a great deal real. In a specific context, wolves by myself might no longer be camp. But constrained using a female equipped in a lilac red cape, underneath the roof of the Conciergerie, a 14th-century former prison inside the center of the Seine? Definitely camp.

“Camp sees the whole lot in quotation marks.” In case there was ever any doubt: Virgil Abloh, creative director of guys put on at Louis Vuitton and dressmaker (“clothier”?) of Off-White, his very own label (showcased above), loves a reference. Karl Lagerfeld and Raf Simons, however, controlled to riff on the idea of “the ‘off,’ of factors-being-what-they-are-no longer” without simply the use of air charges:

Both designers suggested handbags, a patron favorite, inside the examples above, no longer with actual purses but via gambling with the very idea of them. Lagerfeld didn’t even bother having his version carry something in his see-thru, PVC, logo-embossed Chanel satchel, and Simons confirmed what appeared like a brown paper bag stamped with a brand call (in actuality, made of leather-based).

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