Chennai photographer arrested for allegedly harassing Russian model inside the metropolis


The Cyber Crime Wing of the Central Crime Branch on Tuesday arrested 26-year-antique Rupesh Kumar, model and photographer, on prices of sexually harassing a Russian female inside the town. Rupesh additionally runs an advertising company in Chennai.

According to reviews, the 30-yr-vintage Russian, a model, and an aspiring actor, got here to Chennai a few months ago searching out paintings opportunities. Rupesh befriended the lady and allegedly started harassing her quickly after, forcing her to have sexual family members with him.

A record in The Times of India states that within the guise of a photoshoot, Rupesh allegedly clicked inappropriate pix of her. When she grew to become down his repeated tries for sexual favors, he allegedly used the photos he had clicked and threatened to submit them on social media if she did now not comply with his requests.


Following this, the female lodged a grievance with the Police Commissioner by means of filing a petition on April 14. The police then advised the Cyber Crime Wing police to arrest Rupesh.

After being wondered, Rupesh changed into booked beneath Sections 354 (Assault or crook force to girl with reason to outrage her modesty), 506(i) (Punishment for crook intimidation) of the Indian Penal Code and sixty seven of the Information Technology Act (Punishment for publishing or transmitting obscene fabric in digital shape) and Section four of the Tamil Nadu Prohibition of Harassment of Women Act, and remanded to judicial custody.

In December last year, a 30-yr-antique guy from Thanjavur turned into arrested by the South Goa police for sexually assaulting a foreigner in seaside in Goa. According to information reports, the forty eight-year-antique ladies was a tourist who used to go to Goa frequently. The South Goa SP advised Times of India that CCTV photos from shops in the location near the spot of the crime helped them nab the accused.

Stress, sugar, and carbs: Alarming incidence of diabetes in pregnant girls of Chennai

Back in 2014, about 20 weeks into her being pregnant, Keerthana (name modified) experienced excessive itching and irritation in her vaginal place. Already burdened about her pregnancy, she without delay visited the medical doctor to get it checked. Her doctor prescribed drug treatments for the infection, however also ordered blood and urine checks. “She didn’t really want the take a look at effects, she becomes quite positive that it was diabetes,” Keerthana recounts. The yeast contamination in her vaginal location became most effective a manifestation of gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) – the diabetes girls get at some point of being pregnant.

Tests for diabetes are routine within the first trimester of all pregnancies now, however, few years in the past even doctors believed that a sugar test becomes not required till the second trimester when girls generally expand GDM. The prevalence of diabetes in Tamil Nadu is substantially better compared to the rest of India. In Chennai, a random survey found sixteen.2% of pregnant girls to have GDM, at the same time as another pattern survey found 17.Eight% of pregnant girls to have GDM inside the city. “From our revel in we are able to say that we see GDM in as a minimum 12% of the pregnant women in Chennai,” says Dr K Baraneedharan, Senior Consultant Diabetologist at Kauvery Hospital in Chennai, “If it isn’t always treated, it could lead to serious medical headaches for the mother and the child.”

Why it occurs

What we eat is broken down by our frame and made into glucose, that’s then driven from the bloodstream to the cells and then broken down for energy. Insulin plays a critical role in shifting the sugar in our bloodstream into our cells. When the insulin in our body is just too low or if the function of insulin is not right and it ends in insulin resistance, we develop diabetes. During being pregnant, the hormonal changes which show up in our body making it more difficult for it to make and use insulin and that leads to GDM.

“This normally happens between 18-20 weeks of the being pregnant, but in recent times we are seeing gestational diabetes inside the first trimester of the pregnancy itself,” the Dr. Baraneedharan says, “that is why we’ve now started doing widespread screening for all pregnant mom.”

While being pregnant itself can cause diabetes, weight loss program plays a primary function in its high prevalence. “In Tamil Nadu, girls have loads more carbohydrate of their eating regimen, inside the form of rice. Women also generally tend to have greater sweets all through being pregnant. The insulin within the frame isn’t always good enough to deliver the sugar underneath manage,” Dr. Baraneedharan explains, and adds, “Obesity also can motive insulin resistance.”

Stress also plays a prime position. “Pregnancy is a worrying duration, and stress adjustments the manner hormones work in our frame. This also contributes to GDM,” he points out. With ladies opting to get pregnant plenty later in their lives, and the growing wide variety of girls in the team of workers, the intellectual stress all through pregnancy may be very excessive. “We agree with that simply by means of having a late pregnancy, a girl is more vulnerable to GDM, because of the hormonal imbalance of the frame and mental pressure,” Dr. Baraneedharan adds.

Genetic disposition is yet every other chance issue. If dad and mom of the pregnant female have diabetes, the opportunity of GDM is higher.

Say No to ‘White’

The maximum vital issue of preventing or controlling GDM is the weight loss program, so lifestyle modifications are key.

The first change in eating regimen is to observe a “break up meal” plan. “Instead of two or 3 large food, pregnant women need to have several small meals, so the usage of insulin is rationalized. If the frame has much less insulin, most effective so much could be wanted, if we eat much less,” Dr.K.Baraneedharan explains.

“Avoid ‘white’ for your food regimen, have a colorful plate,” he says. Pregnant women should lessen or prevent the consumption of sugar, rice, and salt. Instead, more vegetables, veggies, and culmination (in constrained quantities) should be a part of the diet. Meat is a rich source of protein, so it could be covered within the food regimen. “Women aren’t aware of what a balanced diet is at some point of pregnancy, so we’ve started out pre-being pregnant counseling,” he says.

Women ought to be comfy and strain-loose in the course of being pregnant. “In our scientific practice, we’re seeing greater running women coming in with GDM. Stress coupled with a horrific eating regimen can be a vicious cycle,” says Dr. Baraneedharan.

If the blood sugar degrees are too high, then doses of insulin can be prescribed. Oral hypoglycaemic retailers can also be taken in excessive cases, and they’re safe for the fetus.

“Women should rest confident that diabetes for the duration of pregnancy is a workable hassle, they oughtn’t to fear about their pregnancy. Just comply with the remedy plan, and both the mom and child will be simply quality,” the health practitioner assures.