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Behind the glamour

After numerous years of experience in the front of a digital camera, a speedy-growing model and financial advisor Joshua Benedict controlled to show his air of secrecy into achievement. At the same time, he crowned Mister Tourism World Malaysia in 2017. The title gave him the hazard to compete in Mister Tourism World International 2017 in Myanmar, in which he emerged 2nd runner-up. He was also awarded the Best Speaker title on an equal occasion. The 27-yr-antique Johor-born Joshua is of mixed parentage. His father, a retired Navy officer, is of Indian-Portuguese descent, even as his mother, a retired matron, is Chinese. He can communicate in 4 languages – Malay, English, Tamil, and Mandarin.

When did you emerge as a model?

“I became a version at age 20. My modeling profession changed completely unintentionally. A pal of mine was modeling at a fashion display. Every other model dropped out at the final minute, and the clothier became frantically searching for a replacement. “My buddy recommended my call, and the next component I knew, I was walking on degree, parading the creations of the fashion designer. Slowly, I began doing classified ads and catalog shoots.”

What prompted you to maintain modeling?

“When I changed into three, I become gambling with my cousin, and I had by chance hit my grandmother who became sporting a pan of warm oil. Some of the boiling oil spilled on my shoulder or even hit my face. “In time, my skin healed. However, my skin changed into [affected]. You can still see some light scars on my shoulder and my face. “At college, my classmates teased me approximately my scars and my dark skin shade. I grew up feeling insecure approximately the way I look. The more modeling I do, the much less insecure I feel. Modeling enhances my self-belief. If you can’t love yourself, then you may have trouble loving others.”


What is the best misconception people have approximately modeling?

“Most assume that modeling is all about glamour and fame. But there is a lot of difficult work worried. “For instance, in a single catalog project, I had to wear 140 clothes in the course of a one-day photoshoot. “I want to watch what I devour and to move gymnasium every day. The gymnasium has become my second home. “You should also learn how to have perseverance. Some have complained that the modeling world will not receive you when you have darkish pores and skin. Well, my recommendation is to forestall whining and continue to struggle in opposition to this discrimination.

“I do now not have best pores and skin howev, er I retain to model. Look at Naomi Campbell and Tyra Banks. They do not have fair pores and SK, but they’ve accomplished extraordinarily well.” Some fashions have developed consuming disorders. Have you confronted that during your profession? “Yes. When I was [competing] for Mister Tourism World Malaysia 2017, I became starving myself. Then, I checked out myself inside the mirror, and I realized I did no longer look wholesome, and right away, I stopped ravenous myself. “Modelling is never approximately searching skinny. Modeling is ready searching healthful, and it is handiest when you are healthy, [that] you appearance properly in real lifestyles ann front of the digicam.”

You have a degree in psychology. Do you need to make a career of it ultimately?

“Currently, I am pursuing a master’s in psychology. But I do no longer suppose I need to be a psychologist. “[However], I love what I actually have studied. Psychology helps me discovelotts approximately myself. It allows me to understand the human beings I deal with.”

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

“My power is I actually have the gift of gab. You can supply me with any topic beneath the sun, and I can begin communication. I am a sociable individual. My weak point is I have a whole lot of self-doubt, and I want to overcome this.”

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