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Wedding Turned Pennsylvania into the English Countryside

Most couples making plans for a wedding together have a tendency not to peer eye-to-eye on every single detail—no longer so for style clothier Katie Ermilio and her now-husband Tylee Abbott, who were given married on June 10, 2017. The New York-based newlyweds had been on the identical web page, beginning with website hosting the occasion in rural Pennsylvania. They both came about to have grown up, less than 10 miles aside from every different. That they might host the celebration on Tylee’s grandmother’s thoroughbred horse farm was almost a given; “We’re fortunate because we’ve similar tastes, and our imaginative and prescient turned into usually aligned,” Katie says. That vision protected an occasion that felt formal and secure, with an aesthetic stimulated through an English geographical region garden.

“We began with the vegetation and just constructed round that,” says Tylee, the vice-chairman of American art at Christie’s. “We desired something classic, smooth, and fresh—best for spring.” Despite having 280 guests, the couple desired the occasion to sense intimacy, which they achieved with a mix of round and banquet tables. “We loved that it felt like a gaggle of pals and own family getting together for a massive, fun dinner,” Tylee says.


Katie and Tylee absolutely met for the first time as preschoolers, developing up in rural Pennsylvania. But it wasn’t till January 2013 that they reconnected via an amazing, old school installation—best Katie had no idea a restore-up turned into taking location. The two met for dinner at Lovely Day in New York’s Nolita neighborhood, with a mutual buddy and Tylee’s brother’s female friend in attendance. “I’d met Tylee’s brother, and they appear alike, so I idea she was Tylee’s lady friend,” Katie says. “I changed into a touch puzzled as to why he changed into spending a lot of time speakme to me.”


Tyler, alternatively, became smitten from the beginning. “I was quite enamored,” he recollects. “She turned into a package deal of energy.” Tyler got Katie’s wide variety and proceeded to pursue her without tons of achievement. Katie canceled a few instances because she becomes busy walking her namesake style line, but they finally went on that date. Within 12 months, they had been living collectively.


Tyler had planned to recommend to Katie in the summer season of 2016 on his figure’s ranch in Montana—however, every other brother (he has 3!) had the same idea for his girlfriend and beat him to it. Instead, Tylee deliberately a getaway to the ranch over Labor Day weekend alternatively. Upon arriving, he rushed Katie down to the pond to have a picnic and pass fly-fishing. “As she changed into trying to fish, I got the ring out and proposed at the edge of the water,” says Tylee, who captured everything on a video digital camera he had set up.

“Once you begin telling all of us, it turns into this kind of calls and texts, and we simply desired to bask within the afterglow for a minute,” Katie remembers. “To at the moment, my little sister has not forgiven me.” Except for his brother and his fiancé —who confirmed up from their domestic in nearby Bozeman simply after the suggestion—no person knew approximately the engagement until they returned to New York. Though they’d by no means explicitly mentioned engagement jewelry, Tylee knew what Katie wanted from a ride to London years in the past. “I took her window buying to peer what she might point out, and a three-stone ring changed into it,” he says.

No wonder because Katie and Tylee’s mothers each have three-stone engagement jewelry (sapphires on either aspect of a diamond). “I concept it’d be excellent to percentage in that tradition,” she says. Katie is ideal friends with earrings clothier Candace Pool Neistat of Finn, and Tylee turned to her for help. “She worked her magic and made it unique and specific,” he says of the yellow gold ring with three diamonds. Candace also made the couple’s wedding ceremony bands and the diamond studs that Tylee gave to Katie the morning of their wedding ceremony.


Since the couple changed into engaged in Montana, they desired to incorporate some Western factors into their rehearsal dinner, held within the barn at Katie’s figure’s farm. The get-dressed code called for blue denim, button-downs, and cowboy boots, and Katie wore one of her own designs—an off-the-shoulder get dressed with puffed sleeves paired with Tabitha Simmons white eyelet shoes.

About ninety people attended the dinner—in which grilled quail, pepper butter-poached halibut, spring pea risotto, and ice pops for dessert were served. After dinner, the occasion became open to all different guests for a few stay united states of America and rock tune. “Like the relaxation of the weekend, the practice session dinner became mellow and relaxed,” Katie says.


Between going for walks, a commercial enterprise, and making plans for a wedding, Katie nonetheless determined the time to design her personal gown. However, she didn’t honestly make it until a month out). “It became difficult because as a designer, you could really do anything,” she says. “I had constantly envisioned being married in lengthy sleeves, so that became all I knew. I sketched the first element that got here to thoughts and just ran with it.”

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