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Fashion Revolution Week: Reinvent your closet

That a touch rip to your pink Bardot gets dressed that were given you 98 likes on Instagram? What do you do next? Discard the outfit? Give it away? Keep it on your cabinet and sense mournful every time you observe it? Or, as designer Karishma Sehgal indicates, you may fix it with embroidery. Her upcoming Mending with Embroidery workshop encourages people to build a lasting dating with their garments.

“I don’t need them to break ties simply because of a minor tear or stain. Embroidery is an excellent medium via which you could upload personal touches to a garment, mend, in addition, to spruce them up,” says Karishma, who released The Baksa Project earlier this year. “For me, mending doesn’t constantly mean hiding the damage. It also means highlighting the flaw in a classy way. There is beauty in imperfection, too,” she adds.

Karishma, alongside Sruthi Ashok of the leather label Inai, is actually establishing a charity occasion referred to as The Relove Closet, as a part of the continuing Fashion Revolution Week (a worldwide movement that celebrates fashion as a advantageous influence, whilst additionally raising focus approximately the industry’s most urgent troubles, scrutinizing its practices).


This is the primary version of The Relove Closet, and will characteristic workshops, pop-up stores showing sustainable homeware, private care merchandise, and jewelry, in addition to a 2d-hand garb sale. Scrap to Fab, hosted by Sruthi, will train members to make small leather-based add-ons — coin pouches and card instances, among others — from upcycled leather.

While Karishma and Sruthi say they’re thrilled to see a lot of communique around sustainability in Chennai, they may be curious to find out how people will reply to the pre-loved garments sale. “People increasingly want to recognize and embrace the idea of circularity when it comes to fashion,” says Karishma. All the clothes on display had been curated through the duo, with a maximum of the garments additionally belonging to them. “All the garments are in proper circumstance, and even though some of them are nicely worn, they aren’t torn or spoiled. We have some unique artisanal portions, some dressmaker unearths, or even rapid fashion and excessive avenue manufacturers like Zara, Vero Moda, and Topshop,” she provides.

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