2019 Honda CB300R deliveries begin in India – Accessories unique

Along with the bike, Honda has also released reliable add-ons with the guarantee. It enhances the purchaser’s customization preferences with a unique set of add-ons for the CB300R café racer. These are all available at agency World Wing dealerships and consist of a couple of accessories or person add-ons. The add-ons package from Honda for the CB300R is obtainable in Premium, Protection, Standard, and Sports. The Premium package is priced at Rs.15,552 and includes objects, including brake reservoirs and air valves caps. The Protection package is priced at Rs.35,895 and includes protection gadgets together with radiator defend, headlight mask, Kitaco beneath the shield, and a crankcase cowl. The Standard kit is priced at Rs.16,666, while the Sports package is at Rs.16,662. The Standard package consists of add-ons which include a radiator protect and beneath protect from Kitaco at the same time as the Sports package contains a Kitaco rear fender, headlamp masks, and radiator guard.

Honda CB300R

Honda also gives character add-ons, with the highest priced accent being the Kitaco below guard at Rs.15,009. The listing also consists of a crankcase cowl at Rs. Thirteen,431, and a radiator cowl at Rs. Five,137 besides kit fuel lid pad at Rs.1,980 and deal with grip at Rs.3,168. The accessories include an oil brake cap, bar clamps, body bolt LR, and a headlamp mask from G Kraft at the side of the rear fender from Kitaco, while the motorbike frame cover is priced at Rs.999. Honda CB300R, together with most of these accessories, is provided solely via 22 Wing World dealerships in India. Honda is offering several accessories with the recently-launched CB300R. These accessories range from Rs 341 for an air-valve cap to Rs 15,009 for a Kitaco under guard. These accessories can be purchased individually or in the four-kit format Honda offers them, namely Premium, Protection, Sports, and Standard.

The Premium kit is the most affordable one, at Rs 15,517 – even though its name may suggest otherwise. It includes more style-based accessories, like different bar-ends, brake reservoir caps, air-valve caps, and more. Meanwhile, the Protection kit is priced at Rs 35,895 and includes components like a crankcase cover, radiator guard, headlight mask, and a Kitaco under guard. On the other hand, the Sports kit features a radiator guard, headlight mask, and a Kitaco short rear fender for a total of Rs 16,662. Lastly, the Standard kit, priced at Rs 16,666, comes with the radiator guard and the Kitaco under guard. Here is how the accessories are priced individually:

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