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Hottest new hair gadgets to try for 2019 – including a Bluetooth straightener

Unfortunately, we can’t get all heads into a salon for a bouncy weekly blow-dry, which is why we need our hair tools to work their magic and give us salon-worthy hair from the comfort of our homes. Whether you’re looking for smooth, shiny lengths or curls that could rival even Kate Middleton’s glossy mane, there’s a tool out there to give you just what you want. And, the tech behind them is getting more clever than ever. We’ve rounded up the best new tools promising great results – from GHD’s latest innovation to a straightener you can control from your phone. Just pick the type of look you’re going for and give one a go. We know hotels are designed by men because there’s never a plug socket near a mirror – and this, while expensive, solves that.

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It’s the first cordless straightening brush, and it works a treat. Once it’s charged, you get 30 mins of styling time, although you won’t need that long. Just a few strokes had our hair smooth and shiny, and we also liked the way the brush sits in your hand without feeling hot to the touch. Not any old iron, this one works with your phone. You download the app, then lock in your preferred styling temperature – between 80-235 C. These straighteners were excellent at sleek and wavy styles, but the Bluetooth tech struck us as gimmicky. As with most irons, you can adjust the temperature on the barrel, too, so why get your phone to do it? OK, this does offer much lower temperatures (less damage), but they’re mainly intended for artificial hair.

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