How to get the ‘no make-up’ makeup appear like Kareena Kapoor

Every female dream of getting flawless and sparkling pores and skin. Well, in case you’re now not blessed with excellent pores and skin, then you can always depend on a few makeups. If you want to get that fresh-faced look minus any flaws, then a great makeup base is a have to. The proper way to use concealer and basis could make plenty of difference and make you appear correct.
If you want to preserve your makeup light and as natural as possible, much like Bollywood diva Kareena Kapoor, then we have got the right guidelines for you. Here’s our makeup manual on how to get that herbal and perfect pores and skin:
1. If you want luminous pores and skin, you then want to moisturize. Skipping the cream could make your face dry, that allows you to make the make-up patchy. If you have dry skin, use a heavy moisturizer and faucet in properly on dry regions just like the nostril and cheeks. For the ones, who have oily pores and skin, must use gel-based cream with the intention to maintain you hydrated. Make sure you permit your moisturizer to accept sometimes, so your pores and skin are plump.

2. Now that you have carried out the moisturizer, use an excellent primer to set your make-up. A primer will assist to hold on the make-up for a longer time and also make it combination properly.
Three. For the ones, who want to maintain the appearance herbal should practice the concealer first. If choppy skin tone is your hassle, then a yellow-toned concealer can do the trick. Apply it beneath your eyes in an inverted triangle shape and mix. This will help to boost the place and make your skin look extra alive. Also, follow the concealer around your lips, nose and anywhere you experience the need. For darkish spots and pigmentation, you can use a color-corrector prior to the concealer.
4. Now which you have hidden, you need to apply a terrific basis. Use a shade that fits your pores and skin precisely. Use a broom and apply dots of foundation all over your face and the neck. Now, use a splendor blender to combination properly. The color for your face needs to suit with your neck to look all natural.
5. Do you know that just the inspiration and the concealer can make you faded? To make your skin look healthful, use a touch of blush in your cheeks. Pick a shade that fits your pores and skin tone and gently dirt in your cheeks. As in step with the specialists, a chunk of blush at the nostril, chin, and brow will now not make the cheeks stand out.
6. Just to add a bit of coloration in your lips, use a tinted lip balm in a natural coloration. This will make your face look energetic and sparkling!
7. To make your eyes look wide open and wide awake, use a nude eyeliner on the inner rims. And, in your lashes, simply use a volumizing lash, so 4 eyes do not appearance drowsy.

With the iciness gone, it’s time to take note of your hair fitness. Here are packs to get your mane so as It’s a well-known fact that iciness is drying to your hair. Enter: hair packs. These clean-to-make packs help to keep or restore hair health. They additionally nourish and soften hair, specifically after a protracted winter spell. If you use hair color or warmness packages just like the dryer or straightener, a hair p.C. Helps to repair the sheen.
FYI, a percent for the hair is a paste with many substances that are picked on the premise of a trouble you’re looking to tackle. The best time to hold a p.C. Is half-hour to an hour. Apply and cover with a plastic shower cap to allow better absorption. Finally, wash off as regular.
This egg and banana p.C. Is a superb hair-conditioning blend and it also provides shine. You want: 2 ripe bananas, 2 eggs, juice of a lemon and 2 vitamin E tablets. Mix right into a paste. Apply and cowl. Leave on for half an hour and then wash.
Soak fenugreek (methi) seeds in water overnight. Grind right into a paste. Make a paste of hibiscus leaves and vegetation. Add 2 tsp of this mix to the methi paste, alongside 2 tsp of olive oil. Apply on the scalp and go away for 20-half-hour. Rinse nicely.
If you’ve got an oily scalp and dandruff, mix ripe papaya pulp with gram flour (besan), egg white and four tsp apple cider vinegar. Apply the paste and wash off. Apple cider vinegar also allows adding shine.
Mash one avocado. Add 1 tbsp every of inexperienced tea and methi-seed powder. Mix, adding lukewarm water. Apply and wash. Protein in avocado nourishes hair.
Mix 1 cup coconut milk with 2 tbsp each of curry leaves (Kari patta) powder and besan. Apply and leave for an hour. Curry leaves are wealthy assets of beta-carotene and protein and coconut milk softens hair.
Expert: Shahnaz Husain, herbal beauty professional
White is proper
Milk has been a famous splendor aid for generations. A pre-shampoo treatment can also be executed with a hair percent containing powdered milk and egg yolk. Add touch water to make a thick paste. Apply it at the hair. Leave on for 15 to twenty mins and wash hair. Milk has to soften and nourishing residences that provide shine to your hair.
At-home deep conditioning
Mix 1 egg, 1 tbsp pure almond oil, the juice of a lemon and 1 tsp pure glycerine. Apply. Wear a plastic shower cap and preserve for an hour, earlier than washing

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