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John Cena Shows Off His New Hair Style (Photos), Speaks Fluent Mandarin In New Video

John Cena is sporting a new appearance because the leader of the Cenation is featured in a new video launched through WWE that shows the “before-and-after” transformation of his hairstyle for an upcoming “mystery” film role.John Cena

In a brand new video released this week on WWE’s legitimate YouTube channel, the longtime WWE veteran and emerging Hollywood actor who’s part of the new Fast & Furious 9 movie is featured, displaying the modifications he made to his coiffure. The video additionally suggests Cena’s capability to speak fluent Mandarin, a language he has spent years getting to know, which will help WWE enlarge into the Asian market.

“Hello buddies, long term no see! A year ago, I shot a film with Jackie Chan [and] the director requested me if I ought to exchange my coiffure,” said Cena in perfect Mandarin (See Below). “So, proper now you can see it is long and wild. Now I’m filming a new movie, and the director asked me if I can exchange my coiffure, so now I will *snip-snip-snip* my hair [again]!”

Regarding the film role, Cena cited that it’s far secretive. “My function on this film is a mystery,” Cena stated. “I can not inform you something approximately this role, but I can assist you to see my new look! See ya!” At this point, there was a quick cut inside the video and Cena again, together with his new look and another message. Once again, Cena delivered his message in Mandarin … Perfectly. “Hello, friends! Look at me now,” stated Cena. “I actually have loads less hair now, so I’m all carried out with my coiffure exchange for my new function in my new movement movie.”

He endured, explaining that his wrestling fans can be excited because he’ll “appearance more like ‘WWE John Cena.'” “I’ll in all likelihood have some other haircut within the future — just a small reduce — but for now, I will look greater like ‘WWE John Cena,'” said Cena. “That look is much like what I seem like now, so a whole lot of WWE fanatics will be very excited. I’m excited because now my hair is secure and not wild and loopy, so now … You spot me,” he concluded, earlier than giving thumbs as much as the digicam.

The new Executive Director of WWE RAW, Paul Heyman, took to social media to touch upon the video that capabilities Cena’s new look and his capacity to talk fluent Mandarin. “It’s very brilliant that [John Cena] can talk fluent Mandarin; however, can he rap in Yiddish,” Heyman questioned via his legitimate Twitter web page (@HeymanHustle) on Wednesday. “Oy Vey! My patron [Brock Lesnar],” he concluded, alongside a hashtag that examines “#YourHumbleAdvocate.”

So you’re graduating. Congratulations! As a stylist, I understand your prom hair fashion ranks right up there together with your get dressed for importance. This article will help you decide on how to fashion your hair for promenade. There are a few issues to ensure that your promenade hair fashion is flattering and compliments your functions and you get dressed.

Consider the following factors while deciding on your prom hairstyle:

Face Shape –

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Dress Style and Neckline –

Proportion is prime right here too. If you’re wearing a slim dress, pick out a hairstyle in step with that silhouette. If your dress is extensive on the bottom, make certain you have got a piece of the extent on your coiffure to stability the whole look.

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