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Blundstone, Consistency is Key to Change

It takes a powerful pair of shoes to final a hundred and fifty years with no fundamental aesthetic overhaul. New trends emerge all of the time, and maximum existence extensively exchanges along with technological advances and societal evolution. Yet Australian footwear emblem Blundstone has managed to stay a hit seeing that it was founded in 1870, and its boots still appearance in large part like the authentic. The logo’s useful, understated design has become successful amongst Tasmanian farmers and developers and best increased throughout locations and life as time surpassed and globalization spread. While models and trades have been modified, nothing has beat a practical, traditional boot whose versatility transcends place and hobby.


In all its records, Blundstone’s largest innovative second was creating its Chelsea boot, the Original 500, in 1968. A unisex series that arose along with social actions throughout the West, the fashion has to be synonymous with the brand and vice versa thru its use price and undying attraction. The only modifications over time were technological, so even though nowadays’s Blundstone wearer can readily take their boots through greater activity than ever, the classy has verified to last over a half-century as the sector around it evolves.

To mark the anniversary of its most iconic product, the footwear brand currently released a brand new marketing campaign, “Live in My Blundstones.” Celebrating the boots’ customary attraction highlights people who integrate their pairs into several lifestyles, from rugged hard work to faucet dancing to a leisurely hike. Blundstone encourages its wearers to take part via social media. A quick scroll via the accompanying Instagram hashtag suggests a global fanbase that takes their shoes everywhere, from picturesque natural settings to concrete jungles. The logo doesn’t want constant seasonal evolution or a viral gimmick; the boots’ look and sense are just that versatile.

Blundstone has plenty to rejoice with 50 years of the five hundred collections’ fulfillment in the back of them and the hundred and fiftieth brand anniversary on the horizon. To replicate, Kate Shevack, Managing Director at Brand Initiatives Group and Head of U.S. Marketing for Blundstone, talked with L’Officiel USA about the label’s sturdiness, individualism through universality, and her favored pair of Blunnies. An adventurous future is ahead, each for Blundstone and all its wearers.

Your boots have advanced from a functional motive; however, they also have gained popularity with their traditional appearance and rugged attraction. What does nowadays’s Blundstone wearer seem like? The 500 changed into at the beginning worn using generations of Tasmanian farmers and builders. However, these days we discover our boots have an affinity with distinctive human beings from special walks of life and countries. There isn’t any one set Blundstone wearer, as the all-rounder’s understated, unisex fashion has propelled the boot to cult reputation amongst creatives, adventurers, and tastemakers around the sector.

What is your favored pair of Blundstones?

Blundstone Style #063, the girls’ get dressed to boot. Where shape meets characteristic, with a lean profile and chiseled rectangular toe.

This Original #500 Series is unisex. In a time of important conversations surrounding gender, what do you hope the boots bring to the wearer’s look?

Blundstone boots are practical with a timeless design that could appearance splendid with something you’re sporting and warranted to sense as amazing as they appear each step of the way. The majority of our patterns are unisex, and we hope to carry confidence, comfort, and fashion to all our wearers, no matter gender.

What are some inspiring memories from the “Live in My Blundstones” marketing campaign?

The Live In My Blundstones campaign shines a spotlight on particular individuals and their craft. The commonplace thread tying these memories together is, of course, that they wear their Blundstones proudly and daily like our buddies from Tap Dogs, an Australian dance production. It’s a excessive-strength enjoy that is rugged and raw. The display is set on a production site inside the steelwork city of Newcastle, Australia, and the dancers perform in opposition to all challenges of their custom Blundstone boots.

Regular faucet footwear wouldn’t keep up in opposition to the scaffolding, metal, and wooden of a production website, so the Tap Dogs took the Blundstone boot and placed taps on the lowest to protect the dancers’ toes. We met with 5 Tap Dogs dancers to talk about their love of faucet dancing and Blundstones and integrated them into our Live In My Blundstones marketing campaign. We’ve already completed a few segments and are enthusiastic about the approaching releases.

What is something you want the world to recognize about Blundstone that they may now not understand already?

A astonishing issue about Blundstone is that it stays no longer the most effective Tasmanian but the circle of relatives-owned. The employer contains a distinctly incorporated organization of corporations that operate underneath a circle of relatives whose records lines again to the 1840s. This family purchased Blundstone in 1932, merging their footwear manufacturing operations below the Blundstone name. And regardless of the organization’s achievement and worldwide recognition, it has remained a circle of relatives-owned with the identical values it has always had.

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