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When you suspect a couple of goals, quite a few names pop up. We are quite certain Ava Gardner–Frank Sinatra, John, and Jackie Kennedy are on that list, but what about our very own list with eminent human beings from the amusement industry, or any other for that rely upon! It’s pretty smooth to draw up a local listing as there are many couples, and possibly one in all, our favorite among them is the Chanchal and Raina Mahmood duo. Chanchal Mahmood is one of the most executed photographers inside u . S. A. Because of him and a few of his contemporaries’, photography in Bangladesh has boosted dramatically. Mahmood had realized the ability for this situation at a factor in time when humans couldn’t see it as something past a first-rate pass-time or interest. Maybe that’s what drew Raina Mahmood in the direction of this extraordinary person, after which they bonded fantastically properly.

“I was only an easy person lower back in the day,” mused Raina. “Didn’t assume I had the mystics of photography in me at all! Then I met Chanchal, and my international become overturned. Slowly but regularly, I fell in love with the particular medium of art, realizing later that I wanted nothing more than to be part of it as properly,” remembered the ace photographer. After the revelation, Raina understood that there would be approaches to master the craft; one might be to get personal classes from Chanchal Mahmood himself or be part of his magnificence and college students to research the whole thing from scratch.

She chose the second alternative because Raina wanted this entire affair to be as professional as it can get — with zero preferential remedies, an identical amount of limitations faced by all college students. “Photography had ended up my passion, and to attain the top of comprehension at the problem depend, I chose the difficult manner; the right way!” defined the photographer. Being in an area of career now not very common to the girls, Raina took the craft as a project, and Chanchal Mahmood, a spokesperson for girls’ rights, encouraged her choice.


Raina really worked very toughly to research images and exceeded thru all the stages of education, like any other student, with exams and accomplishments. “I desired her to analyze like a pro, so there has been no partiality. She found out based on her determination and prowess, and I am thrilled with that,” stated Chanchal Mahmood. But that became, in reality, the lower back-story, the narrative of the start, if you’ll. Today, Raina is a famend wedding photographer, attending countless nuptials, seeking to seize the essence of the occasion in its truest form. Being a girl, Raina believes she perceives the marriage in a unique light – possibly, even knows the necessities of the bride better!

“Weddings are unique to both the bride and the groom, but the memories matter greater to the girls, and I understand the sensation very well, seeing as I am a woman myself,” mused Raina. “I attempt to capture all the emotional moments, which include the sentiments of the humans involved directly within the wedding ceremony, from the dad and mom to the bride and the groom. In Bangladesh, the entire system could be very poignant; my group of photographers and cinematographers and I try and capture the essence in its rawest form so that after the couple appears returned at their memories afterward, they’re left with a smile and a strong feel of nostalgia.”

“I do all sorts of pictures, from model to product shots. However, weddings are my maximum preferred,” admits Raina. In a global, while ladies are breaking all sorts of obstacles and getting into all varieties of the profession, Raina Mahmood proves that passion in real subjects. As long as there’s a passion, no person inside the world can forestall a person or a lady to gain their dream.

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