This is how to layer your makeup products for your best base yet


Before you even think about adding a pop of lip colour or going nuts on the eyeshadow and eyeliner, the best makeup looks start with a good base.

And while there are no rights and wrong in terms of makeup application (your beauty, your rules) – if the order of products is confusing the crap out of you, get ready to be saved by Benefit’s Head Makeup Artist, Lisa Potter-Dixon, who has shared her guide to a glowing, your-skin-but-better, base.

Here, you’ll finally find out whether you’re meant to apply your concealer before or after your foundation, some easy contouring hacks and the prep steps you’re probably missing…

The most important thing to do to achieve a gorgeous, glowing base is to prep your skin thoroughly. “If you don’t moisturise your skin before you apply your makeup, it won’t sit as well, it won’t last as long, and it won’t look as good”, says Lisa. And yes, even oily skin needs moisturising too.

You should always apply your primer after moisturising but before foundation. “Start in the centre of the face and blend outwards, and add more in oily areas (if you have any) as this will help to combat the shine throughout the day.”

STEP 3: Foundation
“One of the biggest mistakes made we tend to make with foundation, is that we apply too much, thinking that the more we apply, the more it will help to cover any skin dilemmas”, says Lisa. “Whereas actually, your foundation is there to even out your skin, and your concealer is the problem solver.”

If you’re currently using more than one pump of your liquid foundation, you may want to try scaling it back. “You can always add more, but it’s harder to take back. Less is always more with foundation.”


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