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We exclusively meet Victoria’s Secret’s first crimson-haired angel

Alexina Graham is not brief of charisma. Within seconds of being in Alexina’s presence, you’ll be desperate to hit the club along with her. Alexina’s persona is as flaming hot as her purple hair. This cocktail of sass has caused the 29-yr-vintage Midlands gal to accomplish one of the rarest feats in modeling; she has been given her wings as a reliable Victoria’s Secret Angel. Some may additionally stroll inside the show; however, only a handful of angels get their completely-fledged wings. In accomplishing this accolade, Alexina follows inside the feathered and rhinestone footsteps of Gisele, Tyra Banks, and Adriana Lima. Alexina’s IRL pleasant friend, Barbara Palvin, joins her as Victoria’s Secret’s most modern angel.

Here Alexina, (in an international specific!!!) talks powerfully about overcoming early life bullying and just how a great deal being Victoria’s Secret angel method to her. Get ready because Alexina ought to include finger-clicking emojis, and this former dancer will truly convey a touch of theatre to Victoria’s Secret show 2019. Plus, she may additionally now live in NYC, but as we observed out, you may take the lady out of the Midlands, but you couldn’t hold her away from her slice of domestic: PG Tips and her thick Nottinghamshire accent is still incomplete drift. What. A. Girl. “I observed out I changed into going to formally grow to be a Victoria’s Secret Angel when I was at dinner with my excellent buddy…

It’s fascinating! It nonetheless feels so surreal. I had been running so hard to get to this moment – it’s an actual mixture of feeling emotional, worried, and excited! I found out once I turned into having dinner with one in every one of my first-class pals, simply in a restaurant in Soho, New York. My agent despatched me a screenshot of an email saying, ‘you were joining the VS family in 2019!’ So, I referred to her as her wondering. She became joking, and they said, ‘no, it’s actual!’


So, my pal and I were given champagne – it turned into such a tremendous manner to discover! We kept it chic, although, darling! “It means a lot to me to be the purple-haired VS Angel; it comes with quite a few empowerments. Being a Victoria’s Secret’s Angel comes with quite a few empowerments. I assume being a pink head VversusAngel means I get to place crimson heads obtainable greater. Being an angel is part of having that media outreach so that I can say to younger redhead children, ‘you can do whatever you need! Nothing is possible!’

“This is a ‘two arms up at my bullies’ second

Like maximum crimson heads, I did get bullied at college because we stand out. I was this skinny little, geeky component with no boobs, but now I even have embraced it as a female. Having pink hair is now an effective part of my identification. It took me a long time to get right here; I even have gone through so much inside the final ten years in terms of my profession and lifestyle. Even 5/6 years ago, I changed into speakme to my Mum announcing, ‘I may leave modeling in the back of.’

When I first did Victoria’s Secret display in Shanghai. I became the primary pink-haired female to walk within the show, considering that Karen Elson in 2009 had such a lot of messages from kids. One lady stated, ‘my baby got bullied at college nowadays, and I showed her your Instagram to prove that the bullying doesn’t mean something and you could achieve something you put your thoughts to!’ That supposed so much to me. But she became the only one who told me, ‘hold going, I understand something is going to show up for you,’ and now knowing I actually have this platform and can be a position version to red-haired kids is exceptional.

“Ballet constructed up my self-assurance as an infant. I skilled in Ballet and theatre for 12 years. I began ballet once I became 6, and it, in reality, had a huge impact on my self-assurance – it made me a extra confident character! It made me into the woman I am nowadays. “My message to any purple-haired girl affected by bullying is. Be confident. Would you please ignore what all of us have to say about you? Be a powerful lady or guy, regardless of what! I could additionally say be the type to humans constantly because you in no way know where they’re going to come to be or where they’re gonna be. Smile at humans and kill them with kindness!

“I danced my way via my first Victoria’s Secret casing. Honestly, I turned into virtually frightened, and I danced loads during the casting. I talked loads too, like I do all of the time in ordinary existence! “Looking on Victoria’s Secret runway, I experience so inspired by the ladies. It might have helped a lot to see myself meditated lower back on Victoria’s Secret runway developing up. That’s a part of my strength as a lady to be sincere, and I assume that’s why I stood out.

Even searching at the runway now, as an adult, I feel so inspired using the women; I had been watching the display online considering that I became sixteen years old. Adriana Lima has been the sort of exquisite inspiration for me; she’s were given a family, she’s mom, a version, and they are just kept on going for so many years. I love Candice too, she’s so all the way down to earth, and I mean, her body is splendid!

“I don’t forget taking walks into the primary practice session thinking, ‘oh my god, if they don’t communicate to me, what am I going to do?’. Honestly, it’s family! I first noticed that on my first show due to the fact I was certainly anxious, I didn’t definitely realize a few of the women. I bear in mind taking walks into the first practice session, wondering, ‘oh my god, if they don’t speak to me, what am I going to do?’ But anybody became friendly due to the fact each person has pushed themselves so difficult to get to that second. We had been via identical studies, so it’s our own family!

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