Nailing down Erik Anders Lang’s whereabouts is tough


It’s a chilly morning in early February while Erik Anders Lang—wearing a toothy grin, keeping a cup of espresso and sporting his notoriously raveled curly blonde hair—opens the door to his sun-filled Los Angeles domestic. The 1, six hundred-rectangular-foot home is, in many methods, an instantaneous mirrored image of his person—it beams warmth, persona, and style.

There are lots to learn about the 38-yr-vintage Lang, who are increasingly taken into consideration to be one of the maximum thrilling guys in golf. First and primary, it’s essential to understand that he travels extra than a hundred thirty,000 miles each yr to play golf. While some of his journeys involve just an unmarried spherical at a conventional path, most of his adventures are epically long, and string collectively loops at little-known destinations played in intense climates.

While it’s enormously smooth to provide an explanation for who Erik is—an enigmatic and avid golfer who thrives on exploring all corners of the earth—it’s tougher to succinctly describe what he does. Is he a journalist? He certainly behaves like one because the host, author, and creator of SkratchTV’s famous YouTube display known as Adventures in Golf. Is he a filmmaker? He’s inside the midst of producing a golf documentary called Be the Ball, which explores intellectual durability in the sport. Is he a social media influencer? Unquestionably. He has a number of the quickest-developing Instagram, YouTube and podcast channels in golfing. In truth, he’s a bit bit of every one among this stuff, each an expression of his curiosity and relentlessly real demeanor.

On this Monday morning, Lang is prepping for a -week journey in New Zealand quickly observed through a six-day jaunt to Japan. He shared with us his secrets and techniques for staying fashionable on the road, regardless of the whereabouts or weather. So wise up and take notes, due to the fact that is one extraordinarily difficult man to pin down.

Public Golf Attire (below)

“When I play a laid-back public song, I choose consolation peculiarly else. My intention is to transition to a fab dinner later on while not having absolutely everyone understand I simply played golf.”

Tarmac to Tee Box (under)

“If I’m heading immediately to the course from the aircraft, I put on dark hues to hide any errors I would possibly make at some stage in a protracted day of the journey. Layering and synthetic fabric also are a should, due to the fact the temperature inside a plane is always an unknown.”

“I enjoy respecting the policies of a non-public membership, so I opt for correct golf shoes. Then I’ll pair my crispiest polo with sharp-looking trousers that provide masses of stretch. Playing a non-public song is the only time I, in reality, need to appear as a Tour seasoned.”

Lang’s Tips For Packing With Style in Mind

1. Make neutral colors your go-to.
“If you percent in agencies of beige, black, navy, white, and so on., you’ll effortlessly pull together outfits that fit and pair portions that look excellent together.”

2. Use journey cubes.
“I buy mine on Amazon. They come in specific sizes and assist me to compartmentalize my polos, pants, socks, underclothes, and so on. so that I never waste time seeking out any unmarried piece of garb.”

3. Prep your Dopp kit.
“I even have a toiletry bag filled with my on-the-avenue essentials, and I in no way unpack it. I make sure the whole thing in it adheres to hold-on-length guidelines, and it’s always prepared to head, which gives me 0 possibilities to forget about requirements.”

4. Don’t assume in phrases of clothing.
“I like the experience of having dressed each morning primarily based on how I experience, where I am, what the weather is, and so on. There’s no manner to try this in advance of time, that is why I don’t p.C. In clothes. Instead, I percent clothes that usually live within sure families of colors, and gather outfits at the go.”

5. Always… overpack.
“Don’t be afraid to convey extra than you suspect you’ll really need. I’d tons rather come home with easy clothes than run out of outfit alternatives and wear something I’m not completely comfortable in.”