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How a Local Designer Tells Tales of Urban Fashion

Jami Oliver is an artist, clothier, and concept to the Denver-style community. Oliver conjures up us for the duration of her neighbourhood fashion logo, StreetLore, meaning “testimonies of the streets” by telling a tale via her collections. In 3 words, Oliver can exceptionally be defined as relentless, passionate, and dependable — all of who have made her successful in her dreams and aspirations.

“Stories of the streets are urban. They are grimy, dirty, difficult, and complete of barriers; however, a unique lifestyle for all its personnel comes from these obstacles. StreetLore constantly evolves and adjustments. It brings together specific art, patterns, humans, and thoughts. It goals to foster creativity by growing a network wherein artists can develop their crafts, draw proposals from, and come together as a tradition,” explained Oliver.

Oliver was a tomboy herself; however, she had a unique location for style ever when you consider that she became young. “I changed into drawn to style at five years old after I first put on my inexperienced, tulle, sequined tutu. Although I turned into a proper tomboy — climbing bushes, riding bikes, and getting muddy with the boys — I did it all in fashion,” explained Oliver. She grew up in Aspen Valley, where she observed that sundry appeared to have an equal look. From there, she discovered a voice of her very own in fashion using creating something revolutionary that might also result in all of the foundation’s style has to provide. Oliver observed that what makes humans specific is the special styles and cultures surrounding us.


As a designer, Oliver finds collaboration with other like-minded people around her. Inspiration is available in many bureaucracies, and for Oliver, it is through who and what she unearths a connection to. This is probably humans, tune, history, and moments in lifestyles that convey importance. Oliver describes StreetLore as a shapeshifter of favor. “As a clothier, I thrive on collaboration with other artists, aiming to disrupt style norms continuously. I locate fascination in how art manifests itself — mirroring, connecting, and adapting. It permits individuals to explicit their energy, heart, and ardor in a world full of chaos,” defined Oliver.

Oliver recently showcased her chic emblem at New York Fashion Week and found the challenges she faced, in the end, causing an excellent success for her particular designs.”I went to NYFW blindly. I had minimal statistics approximately my fashions, our itinerary, or the place of the runways. Despite my severe confidence in my designs and my capability to make the best of the unusual, it becomes a mission operating in this type of foreign environment,” explained Oliver. She is honored to be invited back next yr for another exhibit.

What’s subsequent for Oliver, you might surprise? Well, she is keen on Meow Wolf — a group of talented individuals who assist artwork in structures rooted in pictures, architecture, and lots greater. When she heard Meow Wolf become coming to Denver, it stuck her interest right away. “I wholeheartedly respect and aid this inventive motion. After I visited the show off in Santa Fe, I quickly found out fashion turned absent from their idea. After reaching out to them, I am a candidate for a collaboration piece in the new Denver show-off. No details but look out for StreetLore,” defined Oliver.

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