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This sleek new magazine adds a style-international spin to solving climate exchange

On a newsstand, a new magazine referred to as Atmos sits after art and fashion magazines. Like the others, it covers a way of life. But the magazine additionally focuses explicitly on climate change. “We chose to discover whether and tradition due to the fact so as for us to have an impact on our converting weather, it has to begin with human beings,” says editor-in-chief William Defibaugh. The magazine’s founder, Jake Sargent, previously ran a fashion brand however realized that he desired to do paintings that higher aligned with his values. Sargent co-founded a challenge fund that invests in sustainable client product companies. However, he wanted to invest in media as a way to shift culture additionally.

The inaugural problem–e book-size, at 228 pages–appears in modern-day demanding situations through images, interviews with artists, including Anonhi and Yoko Ono, and journeys to rural India and the island of Kiribati to peer how communities are adapting to weather trade. It explores various solutions of the sort that Fast Company also covers, including “easy” lab-grown meat, mushroom-grown leather-based, vertical farms, and robots that pollinate vegetation or plant trees. A poet writes about tasting Soylent; pics from Ryan McGinley point to the fallacy that people keep in mind themselves cut loose nature. A styled editorial includes garb crafted from biosynthetic substances.


Atmos could be published twice 12 months; each difficulty will feature the equal considerate approach to challenge remember and artist collaboration. “We clearly desired to create a platform in which we should inform memories approximately the environment through an art and design lens, and in fact take the space to inform them intensive,” says Defibaugh. Atmos ambitions to encourage leaders from the art and layout global, particularly, to recognition on the problem of climate exchange in a way that a few might not have inside the past. “Everyone needs to have a voice on weather and the surroundings: It’s something that needs to be in our each day communication and permeate for the duration of our lifestyle,” says Sargent. “We want all and sundry to be taking part in this and speaking about it.”

Why your next vacation condominium can also appear like a Wayfair catalog

Vacation apartment sharing and control platform Vacasa is moving into the interior layout. The organization is launching a brand new tiered carrier in partnership with the cheap, brand new furniture giant Wayfair that gives customers get right of entry to low-priced home refurbishings. The supply is a part of a broader trend amongst real property agencies to use amenities to compete for consumers’ dollars. But it can also give even extra excursion rentals and timeshares an equal sterile appearance.

Vacasa, for people who aren’t acquainted, is a greater property control carrier than a domestic apartment platform. While tourists can book stays via the Vacasa internet site, the business enterprise also lists its residences on other websites like Airbnb and Booking.Com. Vacasa handles property protection and manages visitors for the duration of their stay. It additionally guarantees customers that it’s going to assist lead them to extra money than if they list without delay themselves. The corporation takes professional photographs of all the houses it manages. Now it’s going to assist in developing their attraction with up-to-date furnishings and recommendations for light beauty reworking.

Vacasa is infrequently the handiest organization to serve the home-sharing economic system. Since Airbnb has won recognition, numerous other control services have sprung up, including Airconcierge, Babysitter, GuestReady, and Guesty. But simplest one of those, Airconcierge, gives redecorate offerings. For Vacasa, layout steering is just the contemporary service it’s supplying. Last June, the organization started out matching investment houses with ability owners. The corporation has also started exploring concierge services for visitors–essentially a factor person who can help coordinate sports on a trip. However, that is still in a pilot section (last October, the enterprise acquired luxury condo emblem Oasis, which provided concierge).

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