Next-gen Royal Enfield Classic spied with add-ons

A month in the past, the primary set of secret agent pics of an updated Royal Enfield Classic surfaced online. The Royal Enfield Classic is one of the maximum hit services from the motorbike maker, and the version spied found out an honest little bit of mechanical and beauty modifications. Now, the motorcycle has been spied trying out once more with some legit accessories.

Like we’d in advance mentioned, the motorbike changed into visible with its front and rear disc brakes at the right-hand side, instead of on the left like at the present-day version. The chain has also shifted over to the left from the proper. This suggests that Royal Enfield is probably using a completely new drivetrain, and we consider that the engine can be an all-new BS VI-compliant model. The reorientation of the front disc might be to accommodate a new fork assembly. While it looks much like the one in the contemporary version, it can be housing different internals. It additionally receives a more compact exhaust machine.

Royal Enfield

Next-gen Royal Enfield Classic spied with add-ons 1The recent undercover agent pictures also show that the footpegs are much wider than those in the modern version. The extra room on the rider and pillion footpegs should enhance comfort. Adding to this could be the new seat layout and backrest for the pillion. Visually just like the one at the Thunderbird line-up, the seats look like they provide an honest amount of room. While the aforementioned updates are probably popular on the approaching bike, the taller windscreen, crash protect, and saddlebags will normally be provided as elective add-ons.

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