Fstoppers Review: Online Course Jewelry Photography for Beginners by Photigy

Have you ever needed to shoot earrings in the vicinity, like wedding jewelry, for the duration of a wedding? Then you could realize approximately the difficulties of acquiring an excellent image. An unwanted mirrored image of the surroundings can wreck your shot. Sometimes you can even apprehend a mirrored image of yourself in the jewelry. There is an answer to that. Alex Koloskov of Photigy presents a course for taking pictures of jewelry using a simple flashgun and cheap DIY modifiers, targeting amateurs and beginners.

Since I am a marriage photographer, I realize approximately the problems of taking pictures of wedding ceremony jewelry at some point on a stressful wedding ceremony day. There is most effective little time to be had, and often you need to work in a situation that is a ways from ideal. A good powerful, and ideally cheap manner of shooting the marriage earrings could be very welcome. Alex Koloskov promises a perfect approach to retrieving studio-like photographs with just one or flash weapons.

This quote from the Photigy website summarizes the direction perfectly. The course is divided into four parts wherein Koloskov shows the approach to acquire exact outcomes, with several demonstrations of that method. He also gives recommendations on using props that can carry your picture to a higher level. The path additionally covers techniques on publish processing strategies in Lightroom as well as Photoshop. The path ends with a mission and a certificate.

Jewelry Photography

The duration of the movies differs from five mins up to a half-hour, addressing extraordinary factors of shooting earrings along with his flash and modifiers. Koloskov takes a variety of time to explain everything. Many records are instructed time and again, which may be very welcome for the beginner and beginners. If you’re greater experienced, it could take too long, which makes it a bit wearisome at instances.

Koloskov is running in his studio, and dining room, with an offset white stability imitating the much less perfect light situation you can encounter in the vicinity. The desk he works on and have been he shoots the earrings is one large mess with props and stuff. But as you can see, it does no longer clearly be counted for the result. In a way, it demonstrates you don’t need a variety of room for excellent photos. His Russian dialect can be tough to observe, but you get used to it after some time. Although he follows an inexpensive good judgment glide, it now and again feels a bit advert hoc. The does no longer uses difficult terms, so it is right for the amateur and newbie.

The motion pictures do sense amateurish at instances. Sound isn’t always constant in the eating room vicinity, and the editing isn’t always usually of an expert degree. The thing that bothers me more is the best of the instance pix he is taking. Some of them aren’t sharp, and the intensity of the subject is not blanketed. Of direction, this doesn’t alternate something for the lightning method. Nevertheless, it would have a higher attraction if the pix had been sharp sufficient, and a recommendation about the intensity of discipline could be a tremendous addition to this path. In the closing part of the course, we are proven how the pics from the route are handled in Lightroom and Photoshop. The movies take approximately one hour each. We see one-of-a-kind techniques of post-processing. I assume it would be better if a spread of shorter films, masking distinctive techniques, might make it greater reachable.


There is a way to shoot jewelry with a professional look in any surroundings, with only a few simple tools and approaches. Koloskov demonstrates this method considerably in these movies. We additionally get the opportunity to follow exclusive publish-manufacturing strategies in Lightroom and Photoshop, but I assume there will be a greater based manner to do this. For me, as a more skilled photographer, the films are too lengthy for matters which might be protected. But I also recognize that much less experienced photographers might have gained from repeating the technique and displaying it extra than as soon as possible.

What I Liked

The path is easy, and no difficult phrases are used
There is not any need for the high priced device
The motion pictures are pleasant and no longer too extreme
You get hold of superb consequences without no longer tons of difficulties

What I Did Not Like

When the direction progresses, no more information is supplied
The direction is too lengthy for the statistics this is given
Information about using the intensity of discipline isn’t included
Sometimes videos are too lengthy – dividing into smaller parts would be higher
The put up manufacturing is missing a greatly based workflow

I would really like to quit this assessment with more than one example I made with the techniques used and found out from this direction. And I need to admit, although it took Alex Koloskov of Photigy a long term to explain, his technique absolutely works as an attraction. The pix I will shoot wedding earrings in destiny wedding ceremony could be a whole lot better. I can propose this route.

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