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Former Conde Nast Editor Claims She Was “Only Allowed

Just months after Vogue Brazil’s fashion director resigned from her position with the enterprise after being called out for cultural insensitivity, some other Condé Nast International title is in warm water. According to WWD, a beauty editor at Glamour Hungary informed photographer Brenda Nasr, the magazine “is most effective allowed to have editorials with Caucasian fashions.” At the time, the photographer turned into pitching a style editorial shot with an unmarried Black version.

“In an enterprise like this, you normally can’t call people out because you by no means know for sure,” Nasr tells WWD. “You would possibly have a stoop that they don’t need something [for a specific reason]; however, you can’t name them out at once — but she just told me.” When Nasr reached out to Condé Nast International, Glamour Hungary’s editor-in-chief Krisztina Maróy apologized for “any offense” to her as “we simply did now not mean to.” Further, Nasr tells WWD, Maróy said she considers she and her colleagues “dedicated devotees [s] of human rights, democracy, and female empowerment.” Maróy claims the editor becomes “as an alternative awkward” because English is not her first language.


“[The editor] truly supposed that our beauty pages work on mirroring the reader and in a mag like Glamour and a country like Hungary they may be practical, now not inspirational,” Maróy wrote. However, Wolfgang Blau, president of Condé Nast International, referred to as the feedback “incorrect, offensive and indefensible.” “We at Conde Nast International unreservedly express regret for that.” Further, the editor, who changed into freelance, will now not work for the magazine — or any other Condé Nast magazine for that matter.

“All of our fashion and splendor editorial groups around the sector no longer most effective include variety but are actively promoting and celebrating inclusion in all its bureaucracy,” Blau says. “This quite explicitly consists of our Glamour group in Hungary, which has continuously promoted new fashions and expertise of all backgrounds and races.” Blau additionally said that CNI is “reviewing Glamour Hungary’s variety policy collectively with the editor in a leader as well as the crew’s inner training packages for staff and freelancers in order that this by no means happens again.”

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